(V) Superman and the Curse of the Acronym

Short post. Just noticed something. Can’t believe it didn’t just leap out at me.

DC Comics has started a new line of comics book series starring their characters. There are only two so far, but I’m sure more are on the way. The first one was All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, which is one of the dumbest titles you could saddle a product.

The second however, manages to top it. All Star Superman. Which has a nice, helpful little acronym for any and all critics to use for it. Sort of like Daffy Duck screaming at Elmer Fudd “SHOOT ME NOW!”

It’s probably been pointed out a thousand times by now. I’m probably the last to notice.

But perhaps I shouldn’t be one to talk. After all, I’ve always wanted to write a novel and call it Friendly Unicorns Can Kill. Or something like that…

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