I’ve mentioned once or twice my (rather irrational) liking of Power Girl. I have also mentioned my love of anime. But never in my wildest dreams would I have combined the two.

Well someone else did. Specifically DC Direct has. Power Girl, along with several other female DC super hero, have been made into “anime-ish” dolls.

Bad Anime Power Girl 000

More information, including more pictures of the other poor super heroines done this way is located here at AFHub.

Word fails me on how much this irritates me. It probably shouldn’t. It probably should just roll right on past me. They’re just toys. Toys I wouldn’t be buying anyways.

But it does.

What these things are saying, in essence, is that this is what the male anime/America comic fan wants. Not, say, an honest interpretation of the characters in anime form. But one’s drained of their character to the point of being bland cutesy dolls. Big eyes, we’ve gots ta have them big eyes, hee-uck, hee-uck, hee-yuk.

The only one which looks halfway close to the original is Catwoman. The rest? Brain dead sex toys.

Gah! Gah I say!

Why is it that every time Marvel or DC tries to tap the manga/anime marked, crap like this is produced?

Man. Time for me to break out The Big O and wash this garbage from my mind. R. Dorothy, where are you when I need you?

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