(VIII) – What’s Coming Out in the Criterion Collection?

When I think of the Criterion Collection of DVDs, I think of Akira Kurosawa, I think of Terry Gilliam‘s Brazil. I think of classics of film and arty flicks I would never, ever watch. Not even under pain of death.

I do not think of Equinox. Not even in jest.

Equinox has strong meaning for me. I’ve seen it maybe twice, and I couldn’t give you a synopsis or a review even if I wanted to. (There’s a better place for that.) However, there are images that stuck with me from it for years. I use it for describing movies, for pity’s sake (an Equinox movie is specifically a Lovecraftian flick told in flashback by a mental patient/prisoner, e.g. In the Mouth of Madness, Dead People/Messiah of Evil, etc.)

So I’ll admit the news about Criterion releasing a DVD of it (tomorrow!) rather thrills me. But I’m sure there are more other films out there. Better acted. More important.

Very odd news, indeed.


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