(VI) Half Heard Ad

My Dad and I were listening to the radio when this ad comes on. I’m only half listening, zoning with my thoughts. Something about self-help. The usual nonsense.

Through my haze I hear the announcer talking about an idea is so absurd, I couldn’t have heard it right. I turn to Dad and asked, “Self-Hypnosis… online?”

He confirmed that my hearing was still reasonably acute.

I laughed. “I can just see it. You’re sitting there in front of your monitor and…”

Now I can tell you where I was going with that thought. I saw, as clear as day, a monitor with swirling black and white lights. Maybe a giant Eye zooming in and out. Most definitely a Booming Voice suggesting you send credit card numbers, bank account numbers, first born child, kidney…

Insignificant things. Won’t even miss ’em.

Trouble is I fumbled a bit mid-sentence. And in that instant Dad said, “Videodrome.”

Trust my father to get to the point quicker and better than I could.

What can I do? I knew I was beat. I laughed again. “Yeah. Long live the New Flesh.”

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