(I) Being the Best At What He Does Doesn’t Help Against a Certain Nerve Pinch

I’ve been bothering Brother Eric with a series of weird comics, anime and the like I’ve discovered on the web. As I, on occasion, find myself at a lost for words, I figure I would start a running series of mini-essays about these things. Get a bit of a backlog, maybe, and have something in reserves so I can keep a daily schedule. (Let’s all laugh at Cullen’s foolish notions. Laugh I said!)

To get us started, and to prepare you all for what may follow in future, I give you this scene: a moment of melee between the X-man Wolverine and the Vulcan Science Officer Mr. Spock:Star Trek X-men 000

I lifted this actual, honest to God image from the site Dave’s Long Box, which covers a wide variety of comics. The comic in particular is called Star Trek/X-men, and I have never seen anything quite like it. The art work Dave shows looks like it was cut and pasted from two different sources. I thought it was a joke at first, before doing a bit of research. See, this particular book spawned a sequel (!), which spawned another sequel(!!), this time a Star Trek: Next Generation novel (!!!) called Planet X.

The curious can follow the links and see what each story is about. Me, I’m terrified beyond the possibility of rational thought. I’m going to hide somewhere… somewhere safe

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