The Hell…!?

This page collects in one easy to find place my The Hell…!? essays. Essays on things that made me say… well… you know.

  1. Being the Best At What He Does Doesn’t Help Against a Certain Nerve Pinch – When Kirk started his five year mission into space, he never knew he’d run into THOSE Mutants…
  2. A Very Smurfy War? – Something that makes the Smurf movies look like a smurfy improvement for the Smurfs.
  3. First Personal Jesus – Anne Rice worked her magic on more than just Vampires and Witches.  Take that as you will.
  4. A Cimmerian X-Mas? – Santa as a barbarian?  Say it ain’t so!
  5. Superman and the Curse of the Acronym – That it’s attached to a series that is by all accounts excellent makes this even funnier to me for some reason.
  6. A Half Heard Ad – A story of Dad being Dad.
  7. Wonderful World of DEATH – A couple of odd Disney comics.  (More broken links.  What kind of blog are you running here, Waters?)
  8. What’s Coming Out in the Criterion Collection? – Some movies don’t deserve the Criterion label.  Really.  They don’t.
  9. Things You Never See Gamera Doing – Godzilla got busy.
  10. NO! NOT POWER GIRL! – There never should have been a The Hell…!? with my beloved Power Girl.  And yet…