More Stuff You Never See Happen to Power Girl


A cover is the first thing anyone sees of a book, comic or otherwise.  It’s supposed to draw the reader in, make them want to buy the book.

The only way this cover works, if it works at all, is that this is somebody’s effort to draw in the all important Romance Comic (RC) crowd to the title.  “Oh, poor Supergirl!  However will she cope?  Will she find love?  Who’s kitten is that?”

Or something like that.

Look, I don’t know what RC fans look for in a comic.  I’m a Horror Comic guy.  No severed head, no dangling corpse, pass.  Let’s go see what Little Lulu is doing this week.  That’s me.

Anyways, they’re drawing the RC reader, the reader has the comic in hand, and he/she looks down and sees that title.  The Garden of Death.

Which is a great title.  Don’t get me wrong.  But it really doesn’t fit the cover.  At all.

Who’s kitten is that, anyways?  Is that Streaky, the Supercat in his mild manner disguise?

I’m trying to come up with something (allegedly) funny for Zatanna, but I’m coming up blank.  Outside of the backwards talk for spell casting, I’ve got nothing on her.  Not even interest.

Whatever her “surprise feature” is, it has to be better than this cover.  Gads.  Dull.


You Never See Stuff Like This Happening To Power Girl

One of the sites I have an eye on is YOU CHOSE WRONG, a site dedicated to the various unfortunate ending in game books such as Choose Your Own Adventure, Fighting Fantasy, and Which Way.   These are books I loved as a kid, so I get a kick out of the occasional revisits to old friends.  More, it shows me stuff I missed out on back in the way-back.

Yesterday’s post underscores the latter pleasure.  Behold the potential sad, sad fate of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, from Super Powers Which Way #2: Supergirl – The Girl of Steel:

Supergirl 001

Now I’m not the greatest Supergirl fan, but that hurts me.  Imagine buying the book, looking for great super hero action, and ending up with that!

According to what I’ve read, poor Supergirl’s in some sort of magical land, so this isn’t as “The Hell…!?” as one might think.  But come on!  Downed by mice people?  That’s not a fate she deserves by any stretch.  Seems more appropriate for, I dunno, maybe Green Arrow.

In fact, I’m kinda shocked that hasn’t already happened in continuity.  That or shooting himself in the foot with his own arrow.



But I might be bias there.

This? This is EXACTLY Why I Was a Marvel Comics Fan…


Wait, what?

At what point did having bits of their brain burned out by psychotic super cat become a lucky thing?

And look at those eyes.  Staring at you.  Doesn’t Supergirl seem a little… unhinged?

It’s images like this that make me realize just what a sane, thoughtful person Lex Luthor was.  That man had his act together.  He never once did anything creepy like…

Keep… keep Superman’s heart as… as a trophy…

Statement withdrawn.


I Might Take This Personally! REALLY!

Supergirl 000On August 9th I wrote a little essay praising the new Supergirl artist. I even suggested that I might perhaps purchase a forth coming trade.

Four days later DC replaces both writer and artist.

Now I know that it’s not me. A comic company doesn’t change everything just because I praised something.

Doesn’t stop the thought from entering my head.

Silly really.

Ah, the hell with it. DC is persecuting me! They dropped a perfectly good team just to get up my nose! They know I was a Marvel Zombie growing up and now they’re making me pay for it! The bastards! The cold hearted bastards! It’s like they’re punishing me! Don’t they know I’m single, alone, and have too much time on my hands? WAAAAAA! WAAAA!

Hmmm. That might have been a bit over the top. As well as containing a bit too much information.

Kidding the paranoid fan boys out there aside (I hope to God no one thought I was being serious), I’m hopin’ for the best here. Though so far the art looks like business as usual…

Phat Supergirl or Fat Supergirl?

Supergirl 000No doubt others will say this better than I well. Doesn’t matter.

I can’t say that I’m a Supergirl fan. Like Power Girl, I think she’s a character with a potential that hasn’t quite been realized. The problem with both characters is that power-wise they’re too close to their cousin. I’ve enjoyed many a Superman comic, but I’ve neither collected them nor set out to buy one.

Were I to pick a DC character I liked, it would be Batman. Rule of thumb being low power equals more interesting stories. It’s not always true, but that’s the way it is.

(On this, I have to add, I tend to be a bit chauvinistic in picking my heroes. I pick up stories about guys fighting evil far quicker than gals fighting evil. It’s a prejudice I picked up as a boy that I’m trying to shake.)

All of this is merely prologue for the following image:

It’s A Bird…  Wait, that might be read wrong…

It’s hard to put into words what this picture does for me. In recent years, I’ve seen other pictures of the character I liked, that I thought might be worthy of her. This one, though, stirred up something else. Something like seeing an old friend. “Oh there you are! How have you been! It’s good to see you!” That sort of thing.

It reminds me of how comics used to be. While she’s in potentially sexy clothes, she is not a sex object. She is a protector, someone of power, some one determined to stand and be true.

I think it’s a good picture.

I think it’s a worthy picture.

It’s from Supergirl #20 and I dunno about the rest of the comic, but with art like that… It looks like something to pick up. More so than a lot of the comics I’ve seen out there. It almost makes me want to be a Supergirl fan. It makes me want to go out, join a forum, and be a right and proper member of a community of like minded individuals!

And then I read something like this:

Making her fatter and uglier with those biker shorts… it just annoyed me and made me feel like Supergirl and her fans are getting punished.

And this:

This issue confirmed all my fears about the new creative team. How long is their stay on the title? I can’t wait till it ends. Art is the worst we’ve seen on this title by far (they actually made Supergirl fat and ugly)

And I realize the last time I dived into a comics community I spent most of the time there in a white hot fury talking with idiots. Idiots who felt their opinions were as important as mine.

Not good.

So I’m just going to confine my praise to this little blog here. And when a trade collecting the Supergirl stories by Renato Guedes and Tony Bedard (hopefully the first of many), I’m going to pick up a copy, just to see if it really is as good as it looks.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to go get that Power Girl collection I saw the other day. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is on that lady.

Half a moment. That didn’t come out right some how…

I would be remiss in not pointing out that I lifted both the image and the quotes from the Occasional Superheroine. She has collected a series of quotes at that particular essay, complete with links to the source. Some of the quotes are excellent. Others make me embarrassed to be male.

And considering who I am and some of the dumb things I’ve done, that’s saying something…

Oh Power Girl!

Power Girl

I have no idea why I like Power Girl. None at all.

I hadn’t even heard of her before this year. Part of this was because she is a DC character and I’ve been big on Marvel for a long time. Even when I did dabble in that part of comicdom, I stuck with my main man Batman. Power Girl hangs with this group called the JSA, and sometimes, the Birds of Prey. My path didn’t cross with her once.

And yet, now I can’t get enough of her. I’ve been hunting up information on her past, what she’s doing, contemplating drawing sketches. It’s depressing, it’s sad.

It’s comic nerd love.

I’m so embarrassed.

I wasn’t like this in my younger days. As a kid I watched Wonder Woman (even had a comic) and the Bionic Woman (even had a comic). When Spider-woman had her cartoon I watched that (and, natch, had a comic or two). Outside of that I was only interested in Spider-man and the Hulk.

Power GirlAs a young teen, my interest grew to a degree. I liked Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Black Cat, Dagger, and, of course, She-Hulk. However, only when they appeared in Spider-man. I never went seeking them out. I never developed a desire to write stories about their super heroic adventures.

Power Girl, now. Power Girl’s different.

I don’t know why I started looking up information on her. I remember the first picture I saw her in, though. The one at right. And I’m certain that it isn’t the standard male reason for interest in her character, either. Although, as I have read, Power Girl’s… assets have always been one of her big claims to fame.

It was just the dialogue, I guess. A sort of innocence despite the more than a little revealing costume. Like she didn’t know quite how stunning she was.

As I’ve found out, this was a bit of mischaracterization. In truth Power Girl is well aware of her body and the effect it had on the common man. And responds in a depressingly stereotypical display of anger at the rudeness her beauty brings out.

Still, there is potential with the character, especially when you considerer that, when she first appeared, she was an alternate universe version of Supergirl. I keep seeing her as a tom girl Supergirl to the reap one’s more straight laced, more Superman-like character.Power Girl

I realize, of course, that there is a new Supergirl comic out there. And, no doubt, she won’t be as straight-laced as she was, nor will Power Girl lose the more annoying bits of her character, although from what little I’ve seen of her more recent appearances, she seems more my speed of attitude. However, no matter what is going on for her or what will become of her character, I can’t help but think of stories for her.

So along with my own various works, I’m thinking up Power Girl stories. As well as Spider-man stories. And Doctor Who Stories. And Godzilla stories.

(Especially Spider-man/Power Girl crossovers…. And… And… And this is all too sad.)

Power Girl and her likeness all belong to DC