Pruned Posts

In the interest of keeping the archives readable, I’ve decided to prune away some of the less important posts here on site. Stuff that either is too short to have much worth or is a part of an essay series I started and will never finish. I also intend to combine several of the multi-post works into a single cohesive post.

Rather than just doing away with these posts, I’ve decided to record what I’ve taken Out by title and month, why I took it out, and any of the comments that commenter made on the post.

I’m also doing a grammar/spell check on a few of the remaining posts when/if I find a problem.  I’ll try to avoid out-and-out rewrites, but if I break down, I’ll try to note it here.

My hope in this endeavor is to give the best content possible.  It may distort my growth as a writer a tad, but I think providing a fun, readable blog is a wee bit more important than that.

Besides, there’s always the old blog for that…


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