Tomorrow, Welltun Cares Reviews represents the long sized review of The Undertaker and His Pals.  Next week I hope to put up new reviews on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  At some point I should finish a review of The Slayer; I'm better than half finished now.

This shouldn't interfere with further work on Goblinstomper!, for those concerned.


Goblinstomper Against the Paradigm Shift! – Episode Two: Attack of the Unintended Consequences!

Change.  It happens to the best of us, it happens to the worst of us.  Sometimes you can avoid it, sometimes you set it about, and sometimes you spend two, maybe three weeks dealing with the oh so bright idea you had while rotting out what you laughingly call a brain.  It just happens.  That's all.

This post is the continued story of the Paradigm Shift I had with my game, Goblinstomper!  Before we enter that particular tale of madness (and in many ways it is about madness) I'd like to put forth a few personal terms to ease the process.


This Crap Has GOTTA Stop

I never have nightmares about Horror movies after watching them. Before watching them, sure.  I had three bad dreams about Freddy Kruger before watching Nightmare on Elm Street.  Afterwards?  Not so much. Closest I've come is a month or so ago.  I dreamed I was swimming in a lake when I noticed Jason Voorhees standing on …