Behold the Faces of EEEEEVIL!

  Surrrrre, they look cute. But right now they're staring into your soul! That coat they're on? Used to have a person in it. Ate him whole and lapped up the blood EEEEEEEEvil. Beware the Dachshund Brothers. Beware!


“Lodoss to senki/Record of Lodoss War” – A Review

If there were one anime series I could recommend without reservation, it would be Speed Racer. Because that's who I am. Anyone who doesn't like Speed Racer no doubt doesn't have a soul. Or a tolerance for people who talkreallyreallfastwithoutseemingtobreath >>GASP!<< I mean, whichever you want to believe you are, all right? I won't shun …