Peccadilloes of the Written Word

I love that word. Peccadillo. I need to use it more often. It's a moral imperative. Peccadillo. Funny sound to it, too. This is what happens when you watch W. C. Fields movies. You learn strange words. Where was I? Brother Eric sent me a short story the other day that he wrote for his …


The Face of Madness!

I have been informed that a great injustice has been committed. One that needs to be corrected. I have shown the Dachshund Brothers, but failed to reveal the most important cast member yet. It is She-Who-Must-B-Ameused, the Purrfect Killer, the Madness That Should Not Be Ignored... Lady Zoe! Okay. I've done it. You can stop …

I’m Sorry, Elwood

Here I go, giving the little guy full reign, and I go off and post twice while out of town. Needless to say, he's not happy with me. In other news, I'm back. This site now returns to normal. Whatever that is.