Walking the Outline (I): Statement of Intent and Other Opening Thoughts

It is my hope that over the course of this series I'll be able to fashion a series of outlines.  I want at least four serviceable outlines for potential novels.  Two of these I intend to use during NaNoWriMos (the one in July and the one in November).  One for a super special project that …

Goblinstomper! Development Diary (IX) : Not Every Day is a High Content Day

Ugh.  Not only did I spend hours on something I later found I could do in game, I had RPGMaker crash on me, taking with it some unsaved work. Marvy. Right now I'm fiddling with the opening cut-scene.  Nothing major, just giving it a bit more life as well as prepping more content.  I'm setting …

A Life Lesson From Mr. W

If you find yourself writing "Then in an happenstance that would make a storyteller blush...", maybe you shouldn't have the upcoming happenstance happen at all. Just a thought.

Like There Was a Doubt

I think I've enjoyed this year more than any other year.  I feel good about the work and am far more eager to continue with it than most any other work. Fingers cross, hope, hope.