Wait, What Are You Calling It Again?

Pennywise 000

He looks nice.

It’s not 24/7 GoblinStomper! with me these days, though the posts might make it seem otherwise.  I do other things.  Like scream about the Blu Ray Cathy’s Curse (that is a thing I am not joking)  Or reading.  or, hey, writing.

Today I started a short story.  It was initially called The Clown and on the onset it dealt with a guy who runs into a spooky clown in the middle of a night walk.  Promising.  Unfortunately it started feeling a little too much like a Creeptypasta called The Smiling Man.

The link takes you to the story, but someone made a movie based on it that’s up on YouTube.  I’ll post it at the end; it’s really worth your time.

Anyways, It started feeling too much like the other story, so I fiddled with it, fiddled with, until I got something new.

One night this guy spies a clown standing at a street corner.  From then on, at least once an night, he sees the clown, which for some reason he doesn’t understand makes him uncomfortable.  He’d not scare of clowns; he’s scared of this clown.

Last scene I wrote, the guy has gone into a grocery store to buy himself a couple pork chops.  He finds the clown at the meat counter and decides to confront the clown, only to be distracted before he can.  Clown vanishes.

But before the clown vanishes, the clown buys the guy two pork chops.

I know.

It’s not terrifying at all.

And yet the guy’s completely unnerved by this.

That’s what’s drawing me to this story.  The clown’s not doing anything bad, yet the clown’s being scary.

I’m not sure where it’s going, or if I can take it any further.  I don’t even know if it’s a horror story.  I’m writing it like it is, but it almost feels like it should be a comedy.

It’s probably just a weird fantasy.

Not helping is the idea I have for the title: Clownthulu.

What the hell does that mean?

Can’t wait to find out.

Anyways, here’s 2AM: The Smiling Man.  Check it out.


Walking the Outline (I): Statement of Intent and Other Opening Thoughts

It is my hope that over the course of this series I’ll be able to fashion a series of outlines.  I want at least four serviceable outlines for potential novels.  Two of these I intend to use during NaNoWriMos (the one in July and the one in November).  One for a super special project that will see me burst into a ball of flame.  Er.  Write a novel in three days (more likely a week, but three days is the initial goal.)

The fourth, though, is the most germane to this blog.  With it, I’m going to go step by step through the process I’m going through with the other outlines (or in some cases already went through).  Then, when I have myself an outline, my intent is to write the thing up as blog posts through March.  I intend to do this as quickly as I can, hopefully finishing long before the end of the month.  All to see if it’s really feasible for me personally to be able to write a book in three days.  Or perhaps work up to where I can.

It should also show just how well the outlines will work for NaNoWriMo.

Now to make the whole matter a wee bit easier on me, I’m going to make the plot based very loosely on The Brave Little Tailor fairy tale.  Let’s call it Tailor, Brave and True.

Tomorrow we’ll get things started.

Goblinstomper! Development Diary (IX) : Not Every Day is a High Content Day

Ugh.  Not only did I spend hours on something I later found I could do in game, I had RPGMaker crash on me, taking with it some unsaved work.


Right now I’m fiddling with the opening cut-scene.  Nothing major, just giving it a bit more life as well as prepping more content.  I’m setting a note here so in Future Days I can go back and check what I’ve done.

And I like the idea of the title count matching the day of the month.  I’m weird that way.

Hopefully better content tomorrow.

NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 1: The Nightmare Begins

I’ve done this silly contest for over a decade (Mein Gott!)

I’ve written up a detailed chart on the number of words I need to make every day.

I even have a site to go to tell me that tells me this information.

And yet…  And yet I botched the word count for today.

By two hundred some words.

Of course, that was two hundred words more than I really needed.  BUT STILL!!!!!!!!

Last year was the best NaNoWriMo ever for me, as I won it with an actual, honest to God short story that probably no one but me will ever read.

Hopefully this will be the Year of the Novel.

Which is something I’ve said for over a decade around this time (Mein Gott!).  But still.

Yet Another NaNoWriMo Update

Anyone else remember when I was insane enough to do blog posts almost every day during NaNoWriMo?  Good times.  Good times.

Anyways, I’ve put a capper on Book One (or Part One, if you prefer) of the novel.  So far this has been the best NaNoWriMo yet, with a coherent, good story, where the exposition comes in I think fun little doses.  It won’t be perfect when it’s done, but I’m loving every inch of it.

Here’s the thing, though.  This story?  Isn’t the one I want to tell with these characters.  Not in the slightest.  So when I’m finished, I’m scuttling it, taking the best stuff, adding a few new tweaks, and fashioning a new novel to send out to the publishing world.  Who knows with it, right?  Right.

The important part of that last paragraph is the “when I’m finished.”  I don’t mean with the contest.  I intend to finish this novel, the wrong story, before moving on to the next one.

I said I was loving this novel, right?  I’m loving it too much not to finish it.  I want it and its future (fraternal?) twin sister to be.  That sounds nuts, even to me, but there we go.

Any luck, I will be adding “finished novelist” to the list of honestly meaningless titles I have either at year’s end or just at the start of next year.  The twin shouldn’t take too long finishing, what with a lot of it already written (hopefully).  Then I can worry about the only title that matters.

Professional writer.

That said, let’s look at some stats.

Book One is 22,636 words long.  About half of what I need for the contest.  The full novel I want is about 100,000 words long, though as it’s possible I’m not going to send this one out I might let it stop at 75,000.  Depends how I’m doing, how eager I am to get to the twin, that sort of thing.

All said, I’m about 22 to 30% done.  Which is closer than I’ve ever come before.

Those checking my NaNo stats for today might notice I’m at 38,405 words.  Of that total, 3,856 of that (roughly a mere 10%) is stuff that happens later in the novel.  How much gets used I won’t know until I get there.

The rest of that (11,913 words, or about 31%) is scrap.  Wheel spinning.  Me trying to get this bird off the ground.  It’s there to keep the count where it should be, sad to say.

Which means that only around 59% of what I have is actual novel for the contest.

It should be added that this is a bigger percentage than any other time.  Except maybe Fear Adventure.  That might have been 100% novel but only 80% (or so) finished.

While I’m breaking no rule this way, it does feel a little cheap.  My goal has always been finished novel.  Every year doing this, though, has taught me more and more about the craft.

Hopefully next year will be the year.

Brief NaNo Related Post

So I’m writing.  My character’s furious, ranting, and he uses a naughty word.  It’s own of the F words, but not the one usually used.  I don’t want the weight that word has.  It’s a brick it is, best used to really hit.  Part of the reason I don’t use it here.

Instead, I use its synonym, feck.  I like feck.  Unlike the other word, it sounds funny.  Especially shouted.

I type it out the first time, and my wondrous writing program Scrivener auto-corrects it to me.

By changing a single letter.

You can guess which one.

I find that hilarious.  It’s like Scrivener’s is objecting to my wimpier language.