That’s One Big Ape – Rambling Thoughts on the Eighth Wonder of the World

So we step one step closer to the Rematch of All Rematches.   I’m excited, but then it’s a Giant Monster Movie; I tend to dig those bad boys.  Especially the ones with monsters fighting monsters.

A quick, amused thought: watching Kong go after the helicopters in the above trailer, I thought, This is Kong’s revenge for the Dino De Laurentiis flick.

I haven’t sat through the De Laurentiis Kong in years.  Decades.

The original Kong I own on DVD–it’s around my desk somewhere.  The Toho versions are there, too.  There might even be a Peter Jackson version hidden in the shadows somewhere.

No  De Laurentiis.

As a kid, we had a jigsaw puzzle that was based on the movie poster.  I had a Kong board game.  I think I even liked the movie; I know I regretted sleeping through it when Mom and Dad took Brother Eric and me out to the drive thru to see it.

And I haven’t watched it in decades.

My standard criteria for Godzilla films is “Please be better than Godzilla v. Megalon.”  If the film’s better than Godzilla v. Megalon, I’m generally happy.

I have no such criteria for Kong flicks.  Maybe I should.  King Kong Lives was wretched enough.  Maybe I should be hoping this new one is better than that.

No.  No, that’s setting the bar too low.

Anyways, enough rambling.  One step closer to Godzilla v. Kong the second.  I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating, the only way this could be better is if we were stepping closer to Godzilla v. Gamera.

Oh–dare I dream?–Kong v. Gamera


When Life Hands You Lemons, Tell Life You Don’t Like Lemons and Hand Them Back. Unless You DO Like Lemons. In That Case the Polite Thing to Do Is Thank Life For the Gift.

I had a whole Goblinstomper! post raring to go.  Was happily writing it up in my head, getting screen shots, the works.  Only when I sat down to write the post, I learned that a vital screen shot was absent.  The only way to get said shot would be to remove all the work I’d done, and, ha ha, I love this site and all, but not that much.  So no post on that.  Suffice to say the game advances, and hopefully I’ll get something I can share with y’all tomorrow.

It might be script work, it might be game, I dunno.  It will be Goblinstomper! and it will be me moving forward.  That’s what matters about that.

This leaves me with a lot of nothing to talk about today.  As that was the worst thing to happen to me, We’re going to put February 17, 2017 in the good day file (fingers cross for the few hours remaining.)

As I vowed not to have posts up that just say I have nothing going on postwise, it behooves me to come up with something to talk about.

Thus a couple of things spring to mind:

One:  I’ve mentioned elsewhere that they’ve canceled the potential Friday the 13th reboot/remake/sequel/thing.  That same link gives you my thoughts on how a reboot etc. should go, so I won’t go into it here.

However, today the website Bloody Disgusting (such a name) posted a synopsis of the proposed film, and mein Gott have Friday the 13th fans missed a bullet.  A complete disaster, that’s what that sounded like.  You want a perfect example of over thinking what should be a very simple premise, here it is.  Three killers!  One after the other.  There’s no way there’s going to be anything close to the original series standard of characterization.  A particular bar that’s oh so very low.

Two: While looking up the link for the previous thing, I discovered that there’s going to be a new series based on Stephen King’s Castle Rock.  Sounds like it has possibilities.  Which is the only thing I can say about it, as there’s nothing else to it.

It really depends on how many King stories the series draws on.  I rather doubt any of the novels will be adapted for it.  Hopefully there’s a chance for some of the stories making it.

And that’s all I gots for today.  Sorry about that!

Super Awesome Cool Doctor Who News!

In terms of entertainment, we live in an embarrassing rich age.  Or at least I do.  With a new Godzilla coming to these shores on October 11, a potential Godzilla anime movie coming next year, and even more Godzilla coming soon after that, I am one content fan.  My childhood hero is coming my way.  How could anything be better?

And then this happened:

Power of the Daleks is the very first Patrick Troughton story line, and one of the completely lost.  It is widely regarded as one of his best stories and one of the best Dalek stories.  To have a version come out… man oh man!  Can’t wait to see it.

In Fact, Despite the Dearth in Postings Here On Site, I Think I Might Be a Bigger Gamera Fan Than Power Girl Fan. Which Staggers the Mind, All Things Considered

I can’t believe I never mentioned this movie’s potential existence.

I can’t believe how rarely Gamera gets mentioned on this site.

The same thing goes for Rodan.  Surely I’ve talked about my love for Rodan more than that.


The trailer I posted the other day has been pulled at least once.  I’ve dug up a second video, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Bigger news is that what’s shown is but a smaller part of a larger video.  One that might pop up later next week.

If so, Mr. Waters will be gleefully watching it too.  And sharing it here, natch.

Until then, here’s a video to demonstrate a small portion of my glee, using completely inappropriate Kaiju to do so:

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve read in other places that this isn’t the actual trailer, that it’s sort of a proof of concept video.  Whether this is true or not, here’s to hoping for more Kaiju fun in the near future.

I Am, It Must Be Said, a MUCH Better Fan of Godzilla Than Power Girl

So over the past few months or so we’ve had news dribble out about the new Godzilla.  Not, it must be said, the sequel to the awesome 2014 version (which frankly is one of the best Godzilla since the Sixties) but for the new Toho version coming out next year.

Recently an article has come out giving a few more details.  Most of this deals with cast, something I can’t talk about as I’ve seen none of the actors in action.  However, it does give me an excuse to talk about what I have heard, which follows in bullet point fashion:

  • The two directors for the new Godzilla are Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno.  The limit I know about Higuchi is that he’s directing the Attack on Titan movies, which, I’m sorry, can’t possible approach the series they’re based on.  Anno, however, was the guiding force behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime series I have a degree of respect for.  Worse comes to worse, this will be a very interesting movie.
  • The new Godzilla is being billed as being bigger than the Hollywood one.  Look guys, this one-ups manship has to stop.  If it keeps up, the King’s going to have his head in the stratosphere.
  • It’s also going to be called the scariest Godzilla yet.  Which is great, because I always watched Godzilla films for the unbridled terror and not monsters fighting monsters.  It also suggests that the King is going to be the villain.  Not unexpected, all things considered, but a wee bit disappointing for me
  • Some commentators on the new flick (sorry, no links handy) have suggested the Toho Godzilla might have derisive jokes about the 2014 version.  Now the vibe I’ve always gotten was that the 2014 movie was fairly well received.  For instance, the Hollywood Godzilla was offered as a perk for preordering the new Godzilla game.  There were comments about the King being fat, but beyond that, maybe, I just don’t see it happening.
  • Finally, the Toho Godzilla will be called Shin Gojira.  Shin has many different possible meanings, such as “New” and “True,” which admittedly points towards derisive.  This article, however, also points out it also means “God”.  Now doesn’t that suggest possibilities.

As with the next American Godzilla, I’m dying to see this film.  Of my childhood heroes, Godzilla has been doing the best lately as far as I’m concerned, and I hope that continues.

Rematch of the Kings: A Possible King Kong v. Godzilla Remake

The news comes from this source, and, frankly, it doesn’t surprise me.  People were mooting the possibility from the moment Legendary mentioned its Kong Movie, Kong: Skull Island.

The interesting part of the subject is this line, emphasis mine:

It’s said that things are happening “very quickly,” with the deal stretching all the way to Japan, and Godzilla rights-holder Toho.

This almost sounds like Toho might be doing their own film.  Which begs the question: will we finally get (after a fashion0 the legendary duo endings the original King Kong v. Godzilla allegedly had?  Or will we have two flicks with Kong getting his butt handed to him?

What would be funny, assuming this idle speculation of mine came true (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t; I’m no doubt reading too much into this), if the US film had Godzilla win while the Japanese version has Kong winning?  Just the reverse of the way it was supposed to have happened back in the day.

Whatever happens, fun times for a Godzilla fan.  Only way it could be better is if the King finally got his match with the alleged friend to children everywhere…

Ash v. Evil Dead Officially a Must Watch For Mr. Waters

Brother Todd watched the above trailer and said he “might have to watch” this series.

And I said, “Might?  Might?!  Might?!?!

A TV series starring Bruce Campbell dealing with the Evil Dead?

I was sold the moment I heard the idea.

Then I watched the trailer.


I am SO there.

Unless it’s on opposite Venture Bros.

Then we’ll see.

Godzilla v. Megalon Now Out On DVD; In Related News, Cullen M. M. Waters May Have Gone Insane.

I just found out that Godzilla v. Megalon came out on DVD last month.  In English and Japanese.


This is the worst Godzilla movie ever made.  Worse than the (first) American Godzilla.  Worse than Godzilla v. the Smog Monster (is too!  Shut up!)  It’s even worse than Godzilla’s Revenge, which isn’t a really real movie at all but a collection of clips from better Godzilla movies tainted by the presence of a monster makes the Giant Claw look like CGI.

I’ve seen it once.  I don’t really need to ever see it again.

I don’t.

Yet I must own this disc.  Yea verily, I must watch this movie again.

I don’t have to.  I don’t want to.

Yet I must.

Oh uncaring internet! I do not – yet I must. How do you calculate that? At what point on the graph do “must” and “do not” meet? Yet I must – but I do not want!