My First Power Girl Post of 2018

Sort of a twofer, as the hero on the left is also a Power Girl.


Hauro Nakajima

I stopped noting the passing of various genre figures on this blog a while ago, as it felt more than a little ghoulish on my part.  This, though, can't go unnoticed.  Today Haruo Nakajima, the first guy to wear the Godzilla suit, has passed away. In my childhood I had three big heroes.  Godzilla was one …

The 13th Doctor’s a Woman Now. So We Don’t Have to Ever Hear How the Next Doctor HAS TO BE a Woman Ever Again, Right? Right.

Congratulations to Jodie Whittaker for getting the lead role in Doctor Who.  Not due to any talent or effort on her part, but because a bunch of white guys wanted to prove they weren't misogynists.  Or because they needed another square on their Progressive bingo card. Because that's all this is.  Just point scoring. As …