Quick Glance: Assassination Classroom

assassination-classroom-000I might have said this about previous weeks, but this hasn’t been my week for writing.  Various reasons, none of which I’m going into here, save that once again the world is safe from rabid stuffed alligators and once again I’m not getting enough pay for the job.

Or pay at all, come to that.

Really have to talk to someone about that.

In any case, I’ve found myself a new anime obsession, Assassination Classroom, the story of an octopus like creature who’s only desire is to teach a class.  A desire that, once fulfilled,  will leave him to destroy the Earth.  Unless his beloved class can kill him first.

It is, to keep it quick, a hoot.  I’m about five episodes in and have been having a blast with Koro-sensei (the yellow guy to the right) and his students.  Like One Punch Man (currently my favorite anime OF ALL TIME), it takes what I’d have thought to be a single joke premise and gives it a wonderful amount of depth.  Deeply entertaining.  It’s taking most of my will not to binge through it like I did with Voltron.

Worth checking out.

Cullen Reads? (I) – John Charrington’s Wedding By Edith Nesbit

This is a series of indeterminate length talking about various things I’ve read.  Novels, short stories, what have you, all are potential subjects for me to talk about.

Today’s subject is the short story John Charrington’s Wedding by Edith Nesbit.  The provided link will take you to the work in question.  From here on out expect dread SPOILERS!  You have been warned!


I picked this particular tale for two reasons.  The first that it was relatively short (I suspected this would be a late post).  The second was that I’d thought I’d read it before and was after a fashion familiar with it.  Not sure if I have or not, but it is still familiar.

Seee, John Charrington’s Wedding follows the oft told tale of a soul entirely too determined for his own good.  John’s going to marry May Forster, dead or alive.  And it’s no real surprise which it is.

This is true with a lot of Ghost Stories.  Lots of familiar trails being trod.  So I knew what would happen well before Nesbit reached her points.

Not a mark against the story mind.  It’s still a well told, creepy little thing.

Take the opening line:

No one ever thought that May Forster would marry John Charrington; but he thought differently, and things which John Charrington intended had a queer way of coming to pass.

 Boom.  Right there she’s setting the ground work for the supernatural happenings to come.  Far more efficient, I think, than John’s repeated declarations about getting married “dead or alive.”

Another thing I liked is that at no point is there a reason for the haunting beyond that first explanation.  There are no bad people involved, no vengeance from beyond the grave.  For whatever reason John always gets what he wants, and does so one last time.  Much to May’s detriment.

Nesbit has a nice, simple writing style that’s easy to read and gets the point across.  After reading this story, I’m rather curious about some of her other Ghost Stories.  Maybe after reading it, you might be too.

I’m Probably Going to Go to My Grave Calling It Godzilla 1985, Aren’t I?

For the first time in, I dunno, maybe twenty years I watched Godzilla 1984/The Return of Godzilla.  Tomorrow I hope to get a Minnow up at the sister site on it (thus starting a hopeful trend of at least one review a month.)

Until that goes up, let me say that I liked it, despite it’s problems.  It’s not as good as some of the modern Godzillas (2014, say, or Shin Godzilla) but it’s not as bad as some of the others (1998 springs readily to mind).  It’s short of mediocre, really, which is too bad.  But I’m not sorry I watched it again and I’ll probably watch it again again.

Maybe twenty years from now…


Okay, for those who keep track of these sort of things, namely me, the main page of the sister site Welltun Cares Reviews looked like this:

WCR before may 12

It had since March 1 or so.  So a whole month without fiddling with it, good on me.

Except yesterday I thought of a better, cleaner way of presenting the main page.  Thus:

WCR after may 12

Instead of four or so tables getting the HTML all over the place, there is only one (on the right side.  Where the posters are.)  The images on the left side are in their own div box and consist simply of their proper HTML links, with some borders added in.

I’m not sure I can explain that last paragraph, so for God’s sake don’t ask.

This looks nice and simple and should hold me for the foreseeable future.  About the only change I can think of is ditching a div box.  There’s two and I think I can do with half that.

Again, don’t ask me what I’m talking about.  It’s Chinatown.  I mean HTML.  so it’ll hurt my head to explain.  Almost as bad as it did doing it.

Anyways.  Change.  Next change: a return to updating the site.

Blog at the Edge of Madness

Okay, okay, okay, get this.

Today, the new stuff starts happening over at Welltun Cares Reviews.  New post up, a week’s worth scheduled.  Good deal, right?

You betcha.

But guess what, guess what?

I’ve decided to redo the headers and change the main page.

Isn’t that fantastic?

But wait!  There’s more!

I’m nowhere near finished with next week’s review series!

I’ve had months to make a sizable buffer and I simply didn’t get it done!

It’s not all bad, of course.  I do have the Dark Crystal review almost finished (he he he) and I can throw that up if push comes to shove.  Still, I have Week Three looming.  The week where I rewatch The Night Evelyn Came From the Grave.

he he he.

he he he.

I don’t wanna watch that again.




If you think I’m overreacting now, you should see me when Life hands me a real problem. Yeesh.

KBRS (IV) – Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

Only four misfits stand against a newly awakened dragon.

I like Terry Pratchett’s stuff.  Maybe not everything is a hit with me, but for the most part I find walking away from a book I don’t regret reading it.

This particular one, an early novel, had the deck slightly stacked against it.  I’m more of a Rincewind/Granny Weatherwax sort of Discworld fan, and neither character is in evidence here.  However I laughed where I was supposed to and had it been my first exposure to the series I would have come back for more.

I know.  This is a lousy review.  Comedy books like this, though, are hard to describe without risking some of its charms.  If you like, say, Douglas Adams, or the other Discworld books, this will be a fun read.

KBRS (III) – Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis

A washed up detective with unusual luck finds himself on the trail of the Constitution of the United States.  The real one.

Four posts later and not the book I hinted at.  Didn’t even own it at the time.

My site in a nutshell.

A very vulgar, very funny detective yarn that I don’t think is quite as good as it thinks it is, but makes up for it in sheer weirdness.  I was comparing it to John Dies at the End, and while it doesn’t stack up (I’ve read JDatE at least six times already and still feel the need to read it again, while I don’t have the same compulsion here) I’m rather glad I got it.

Kind of envious of the writing, in fact.

Again, very vulgar in places.  If that’s a turn off, be warned.

Also.  Not sure if I appreciate having seen the words Godzilla and bukkake next to one another.

Please Don’t Torture the Sample Blog Pages

Forget the last set.  Check these out:

Here is the main page.
Here is the main page.
And here's a sample page.
And here’s a sample post.

While I think I might add a “Coming Soon” image to the list (or replace the “Also Playing”) I also think that’s about it for messing with site design.  That should be ready to go when I reboot.

Now what needs to be done is working on a buffer.  Meaning get enough old reviews up to snuff to keep content coming on the weekly while I work on new stuff as well.  Should I get enough new stuff in the hopper, I might enlarge the coverage, as it were, and burn through the old stuff.

Or I can go old-new-old-new.  Or old-old-new-old-old-new.  It’s whatever I want, really, right?


In any case, the first three or so olds (Cathy’s Curse, Night Evelyn Ruined My Life Oh God Why Did I Watch It, and Horror Express) will be like new, as I’m rewriting them with the more modern style in mind.  So there’s that.

KBRS (II) – The Rubber Band by Rex Stout

A decades old debt might get a young woman killed if Nero Wolfe can’t figure the matter out.

Nero Wolfe Rubber Band 000This little bit took entirely too long to write, and for no more reason than laziness.  Or perhaps I stopped to sniff the orchids.

As a rule, Nero Wolfe isn’t really under the purview of this site.  Nothing preternatural goes bump in the night, no elves hang around muttering about dwarves, and robots aren’t even hinted at.  However, this is the most recent book I read on the Kindle after The Snake, thus it goes up next.

Simple how that works.

I’m a big Nero Wolfe fan, and this is a Nero Wolfe novel.  I enjoyed it.  It doesn’t rate with the better ones (such as The Doorbell Rang, to throw out a name) but then again it is the third novel in the series.  The best, as it was, was yet to come.

Next time, should there be no further sloth (ha. ha. ha.) I’ll touch upon a classic of Horror.  Or blather pointlessly about one topic or another.  Who can say.