Evolution of an Angry Chicken

Okay, as a post that will be only interesting to me, here’s the evolution of the Angry Chicken, from initial sketch to the image I finished today.

Angry Chicken 000

Basically this was just a little doodle I drew with several other, more accomplished pictures.  It’s nothing fancy; you can’t even tell it’s a chicken, really.  More like an egg with a rooster comb and maybe some wings on the side.

Something about it must have struck my fancy, as I decided to ink and color it.  I haven’t really mentioned this yet, by this summer I picked up my own drawing tablet and have been fiddling with it for the past few months.  The Bratty Kid image is one sample.  This is another:

Angry Chicken

It still looks like an egg, but now it has character.  It could be a character out of a cartoon some place.  I like it.


Looking at it for a while, I started to see a head,  Like it was leaning forward.

Thus today I banged out this:

Angry Chicken 002

The comb, which was perfect in the earlier sketch, now needed moving over to be centered on the head.  The body itself needed widening.  Perhaps not as necessary (but still an improvement) the eyes were lowered on the face.

Not bad, methinks.  Not bad at all.


Old Art Ahoy!

Still mucking about with old files. My God was I disorganized (ha!  I said was.)  One of the files I came across bears the label “Mine”, as in my stuff.  Yet it has images captured for a never realized The Fog review, which clearly is not mine.

Young Cullen.  What a rebel.

Anyway, I stumbled over some old art, and thought, as they were decent enough, I’d share.

This sketch is “Creature”.  The date on it marks it a 2006 attempt.  Kinda cute little fellow, really.  Has a Dark Crystal vibe to him.  I think I put it on the computer via the high tech method of using my cell phone.  Those were the days.


This, shockingly enough. is “Demosquirrel”.  This might be a 2011 effort, and thus maybe even actually scanned into the computer.  How novel.  I’m certain he’s not plotting anything… demonic or anything.


Last but not least is this fine effort, “Discussion.”  No idea who any of these characters are, but they seem to be talking about something, doesn’t it?  This one’s labeled 2008 and was no doubt “inked” on Jasc.  Though Manga Pro might be a possibility with that back drop.  Wish I could remember if I did that “by hand” or not.

General Sketches

just a few images with a few notes. For the record, Mom indeed got out today.

General Girl sketch

General Girl sketch

Pencil sketch. No character in mind. Didn’t scan very well. Oh well.

General Girl Sketch

General Girl Sketch

Inked sketch. No character in mind. Though for some reason I like drawing characters with partially obscured faces.



Cartoon Bugs. I really kinda like these guys

The Best Way To Make Me Do Something is For Me To Say I Won’t Do It; or, Oh God He’s Talking About RPG Maker Again, Isn’t He?

I haven’t worked on my game for two days because I’ve been too busy working on my game.

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the game again, but technically I’m only grazing the issue.  What I want to talk about is perfectionism in a man who is known for half-assed-good-enough work if he’s known for anything at all.

Here’s the RPG Maker part of things:  I wanted to add my art to the game.  I’m not satisfied with some of the character art and wanted to add my own.  I didn’t want to go completely nutso and do art for the thing, mainly because I don’t think my arts that good.  But I thought I was good enough to fake it.  Good enough to imitate the original artist’s style so I could mix my original stuff in.

So I draw this picture and, to quote my Twitter:

Sometimes I think I can’t draw worth a damn. Then others, like today, where I say HOT DAMN!

I draw it, I color it, I shade it as best I can, and it’s good.  It’s damn good.  It’s over to the right so you can see for your self.  It works.

Except it isn’t at all like any of the art in the game.  It sticks out like a sore digit that puts us over cows and snakes.

So last night I drew a second picture.  Today I worked to ink it via Manga Studio.  I get six versions of it finished (so the character can express herself better in the dialogue boxes).  I start coloring…

And the ink lines are too thick.  It doesn’t look like the art in the game.

Do you know how frustrating it is, batting a thousand and have none of it matter?

You’d think I’d be used to it with this blog (badum CHING!)

I’m starting my third try now.  I’m certain that this time I’ll nail it, but frankly that’s my weekend in a bow for you right there.

Now that I’ve vented, I hopefully can talk about something else.  Failing anything else, I give you my solemn guarantee that March 21 will have at least some RPG Maker free content.  Though probably not GOOD content, judging past March 21 posts…

Fan Art: Dungeons & Dragons’ The Flumph

I honestly thought it was something Rich Burlew made up for Order of the Stick, but there really is a monster that looks like this:

Flumph, drawn in Rich Burlew's style

Image via Wikipedia

It’s called a Flumph.  In all my years with Dungeons & Dragons in my life, I had never, ever heard of it before.  So of course I had to draw it.


I love that thing.  My world is better knowing of its existence.

Of course, as with all great discoveries, it comes with a price.  I used Word Press’s little picture find to get the actual picture, and it came up with this:

Lamia Dungeons & Dragons

Image via Wikipedia

And this:

Succubus (Dungeons & Dragons)

Image via Wikipedia

To think, I was drawing a Flumph when I could have been failing drawing that.

My life sucks.