Evolution of an Angry Chicken

Okay, as a post that will be only interesting to me, here's the evolution of the Angry Chicken, from initial sketch to the image I finished today. Basically this was just a little doodle I drew with several other, more accomplished pictures.  It's nothing fancy; you can't even tell it's a chicken, really.  More like …


Angry Chicken

Old Art Ahoy!

Still mucking about with old files. My God was I disorganized (ha!  I said was.)  One of the files I came across bears the label "Mine", as in my stuff.  Yet it has images captured for a never realized The Fog review, which clearly is not mine. Young Cullen.  What a rebel. Anyway, I stumbled …

General Sketches

just a few images with a few notes. For the record, Mom indeed got out today. Pencil sketch. No character in mind. Didn't scan very well. Oh well. Inked sketch. No character in mind. Though for some reason I like drawing characters with partially obscured faces. Cartoon Bugs. I really kinda like these guys