Goblinstomper Against the Paradigm Shift! – Episode One: The Phantom Menace of Maps

While April wasn't astoundingly productive in terms of Goblinstomper! production, major changes did happen in turns of how I thought about the game.  Changes that have fundamentally altered how I'm proceeding with the game.

A paradigm shift, if you will.


Look, Just Because I Mentioned Lemons In the Title of One Post–ONE POST!–Doesn’t Mean I Want a Metric Ton of Them Dumped On My Lawn, Okay?

I knew better than to setting up a schedule. I. Knew. Better. This time it wasn't my fault.  Completely.  This time I lost internet access.  And phone access.  For two days. Two whole days. If we could have some how harness the power generated by me clicking the Chrome button, then saying, "Internet's out, stupid!" I'm sure …


No series posts today.  After I finished yesterday's post I worked on three potential outlines, finishing only two and only having a good (hell, GREAT) feeling about one.  Today I'm either watching the original Godzilla for the Sister Site or working on Goblinstomper!  There might be more work on outlines, too, I won't rule that …


I have about half a post written today, talking about my latest attempt at outlining.  I was going to post it today, start a process, a dialogue if only with myself, that would lead to writing outlines.  Had about six ideas up and ready to go. Only just a couple of minutes ago, the little …