Sorry, But Not TOO Sorry

So Brother Todd, Mom, myself, and a group of friends are playing Quiplash 2.  Two players get a prompt and they're supposed to write the funniest answer for the prompt.  The other players then vote on the answers and the player with the most votes wins. One of the prompts I get is the following: …



Once there was a mother who wanted to pull a harmless prank on her husband.  She would teach her very young and innocent son to respond to two questions.  To "how old is Mommy?" the hapless pawn would say "Nineteen!"  while to "How old is Daddy?" he would say "Forty four!" The second part was …

Goblinstomper! and the Curse of Knowing Better

Don't let the radio silence fool you.  I'm still plugging away at Goblinstomper!, working towards that silly goal of having Act One, Phase One done sometime in July.  Today I put the finishing touches on the cut scene that replaces the Deleted Scene.  It's got everything, from more characterization than before to giving (mild) control to the Player over our Heroes's fates.  Really pleased with it, and more than ready to move on to the next task.

There is, though, a small story connected to this.  One that I'll relate to you now.

With everything in this game, I'm the chief Playtester.  I need to know what works and what doesn't so that I can fix it, or, failing that, replace it with something less broken.  This is crucial with the cut scenes, as there are so many moving parts.  It's easy to mess up.[…]

Goblinstomper! and the Shadow Madness

One of the... I dunno, features?  of RPG Maker MV is that it will put down shadows for you next to whatever walls you set up on the map.  These shadows, to my mind, give a certain depth and reality to the map.