The hell Twitter

Twitter’s In Case You Missed It feature is so very, very stupid.


Cullen’s Super Wonderful Indent Cheat Sheet!

I seriously, seriously don’t understand WordPress.

I’m sitting here, minding my business, trying to write a lighthearted little post, right?  I finish my first paragraph, hit enter to start the next, and notice something: The next paragraph isn’t indenting.

No matter what I do, I can’t get it to indent.

Of course you notice now that we are properly shifted left at the start of these paragraphs.  But for a good five minutes I was righteously ticked off with the Powers That Be at WordPress.  How ticked?  Oh, heading back over to Blogger ticked.  Swearing in the opening sentence ticked.  And not the cutesy fecking type swearing, either.

Hell, I was going to send an irate e-mail.  I researched the matter thoroughly.  Or at least as thorough as I do these things.

Again, I’ve found a workaround to the problem.  I have this little cheat sheet I copy over every time I want to do a post.  It save time and headaches messing in the Text ed.  So long as I hit enter before I reach the end of the paragraph, I keep my indent.  Otherwise it’s gone.

Like I said, I don’t understand this.  Things were working great before and now not so much.  It’s a bad case of fixing what isn’t broken, and hopefully things will go back to normal with the next update or something.

It’s a pain in the butt, but it’s better than running over to the Text editor and cutting and pasting the proper code.

Still, lighthearted post put on hold until tomorrow.  Ish.

Hopefully WordPress can keep it together that long….

Twitter Irritates the Crap Out of Me

Twitter Carps 000A little venting is about to begin.

Twitter was, at one point, a nice service.  Not the best to communicate with, what with the 140 character limit, but outside that it worked fine.  It broadcasts updates to this site and informs me about updates on key sites across the web.  Very useful.

Until they started with this “In case you missed it” crap.

I don’t know how other people use Twitter, but when I go there, I start at the top, then scroll down until a familiar looking Tweet pops up.  When there’s an article worth looking at, a quick right-click with the mouse calls up a handy-dandy window that has a command to open up a tab for latter.  All of this gets repeated until a familiar Tweet pops up.  Then its a’time to stop and go a’reading.

Doing things this way makes an “In case you missed it” feature unnecessary.  It’s thorough.  Not often is anything important miss.  Assuming anything does miss.

I sure as hell don’t need one that pops up the instant I log on to the service.  How the hell could I have “missed” anything when I haven’t even started reading yet?

These days, the whole I don’t even bother looking at the damn thing.  Doing so might put it in the “familiar” category of my brain and actually make me miss something.  The moment “In case you missed it” pops up, the “Refresh” gets hit on the browser to get rid of it.  Sometimes it takes two, maybe three tries to get rid of the damn thing and actually get Twitter to a usable state.

It’s a petty thing, yet those are moments that could be better spent doing anything else.

Best of all, there’s no refresh feature on my Twitter phone and tablet apps, making them both useless to me.

There should be a way to turn the damn thing off.  There isn’t.  Why be helpful when annoying is far easier.

Really, really irritating.

All the Different Forms of Work

Low content today, I’m afraid.  Earlier in the week I was going through my CD back up files and found one of the oldest ones looking, shall we say, sad?  As in might someday soon be unreadable sad.

How old is this file?  The date listed on it (in a hand I no longer recognize as my own) was July 14, 2002.

Positively ancient, in other words.

I’ve already transferred most of the data over to this oh so modern Devil Box.  All of the text files made it over, but a few images didn’t make the cut.  As that’s my art work, it’s kind of a bummer.

However, most of the art came through fine, and I hope to find another back up disk somewhere in my mountainous.

What I plan to do today is transfer the old texts files over to a word processing program of a slightly more modern bent.  I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am of being asked if I want to buy Microsoft Office every time I click on a file.  And it’s only happened twice…

Goblinstomper! Development Diary (IX) : Not Every Day is a High Content Day

Ugh.  Not only did I spend hours on something I later found I could do in game, I had RPGMaker crash on me, taking with it some unsaved work.


Right now I’m fiddling with the opening cut-scene.  Nothing major, just giving it a bit more life as well as prepping more content.  I’m setting a note here so in Future Days I can go back and check what I’ve done.

And I like the idea of the title count matching the day of the month.  I’m weird that way.

Hopefully better content tomorrow.

WordPress is Working My Last Good Nerve

In fairness, some of this might not be WordPress’ fault.

It could be Microsoft Edge.


On several occasions I’ve tried to click something or highlight something and ended up back at the top of the editor.  With long posts, this means a lot of scrolling down to get back the where I was.  All to click wrong AGAIN and have to do the whole process over again.

On several occasions I’ve left the tab I’m working on to do research (or read something else while contemplating what to say next.)   When I return THE ENTIRE FECKING POST IS GONE.  Oh, it’s sometimes saved in draft, BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE GOD DAMN POINT, NOW ISN’T IT?  Leave my post be, damn it.

Today, though, I’m trying to add a new category to my review blog site.  First I’m told I don’t have FECKING PERMISSION TO DO THAT.  Which begs the question, IF I DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO CHANGE MY OWN GOD DAMN SITE, WHO FECKING DOES?

But it gets better!  I try altering a subcategory, and I’m told, get this, I’m told I can’t alter it because I already have a subcategory by that name.

Well and good.  Except I’ve just spent a half month ADDING DUPLICATE SUBCATEGORIES!

It’s getting to the point people know I’m working with WordPress, BY THE TYPE OF SHOUTS I’M USING!

Hey WordPress!  You want me back at Blogger, crapping over you company’s name from here to the end of time, you don’t have to go through all this trouble.  just say the word and I’m all over that.

Still Screaming at My Monitor

To continue on from the other post, here’s a sample of what I’m talking about.

Sample For Screamer Post 000

It works fine on tablet and phone, apparently, but on my computer screen it looks like this.  While 2 out of 3 might not seem bad, that one is still God awful.  It makes my site look bad.

Don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t necessarily a WordPress problem; it could be something the designer did.  But I’m sorry, this is inexcusable.  You tell me the right size, I do everything right, and the God damn thing does this?  Poor form.

I think I’m done with the Lovecraft theme.

The Screamer at the Other Side of the Screen

So I’ve come up with a GREAT header for the site.  Simple awesome.  And basic.  You don’t get much more basic than this.  But whatever.

I head into the WordPress customizer and it recommended for the Lovecraft theme I was currently using,  I need a 1280×444 image.  Peachy.  I format my header and it cuts off my header.  No matter what I do, I lose part of my header.

Fine.  I figure I’ll run a test header, see what’s what.  Black background, 5 pixel red boarder around the edge.  I load it up and do you know what I found?

The damn theme cuts off the top and bottom of the image by at least, AT LEAST 10 PIXELS.

So their recommended size of 1280X444 really should be 1280X434.  ASSUMING THAT’S ALL THE FECKING THEME CUTS.

The left eye, it twitches so.

Imma thinking of switching themes.  Or free webhosting of the blog.

Or maybe burning the world away WITH MY AWESOME WRATH!

Stop laughing.  I totally could do that.


The Asterisk Affair (III) – Wait, Why am I Building the Two Towers Again?

Mining in Minecraft comes in two distinct methods.

The first is actually carving out a mine.  Walls, staircases, the works.  You can even build support structures to hold up the roof if you want, though that’s an aesthetical choice and not a necessity.

Back at my home town of Owlcraft, making a mine make sense.  Owlcraft, in theory, should look and feel like a large town/small city.  Which is why I want more people and explains in a degree why I’d traipse over half a planet to get potatoes to encourage the citizens to breed.

No, wait, false alarm.  Nothing explains that.

Here at Asterisk Island, there’s no need.  Once I find my red stone to make my compass (and from compass to map, a process that still frizzles my brain) I’m leaving the place.  Probably for good and all.  Even ignoring support beams and the like, red stone lies deep, deep, deep underground.  Real deep.  It’ll take forever getting there, and frankly isn’t the sort of adventure I’m wanting at this juncture.

Thus the second method, namely plain old-fashioned spelunking, is the order of the day.  This involves heading into a cave and pressing through down and down until you either find what you want or you can go no further.  In the latter case, that means heading out and finding another cave to try again with.

Of course, it’s not really that simple.  Running around in the dark isn’t conducive to getting what you want.  While you’ll not likely be eaten by a Grue (oh look, a Zork reference) there are plenty of monsters roaming around that will ever so kindly kill you if given a chance.  For instance, my nemesis, the hated and fearful Creeper, just loves to sneak up on you from the shadows in its suicidal effort to blow you up real good.

Then there’s the more common danger of falling through a hole twenty to thirty meters deep to your death.  If you’re lucky all that happens then is that your little Avatar slams into the rocks and has the contents of your back pack–or however you hold your stuff, the game’s a little silent on that matter–goes flying every which way.  If you’re unlucky, it means Avatar lands in lava, which, aside from being entirely too hot, means that everything you worked so hard to collect goes up in a ball of smoke.  Forever lost.

Unless you’re not on autosave, like me.  Then it’s just a pain in the ass to recollect and redo everything you just lost.

So yeah, finding light is a good idea.

Fortunately it’s also an easy task.  A stick and some coal makes torches, and torches can be placed damn near anywhere.  Though the wise Minecraft spelunker always puts them on the left wall.  That way when you want to head back out, all you do is keep the light to the right and you’ll be alright.

Trust me.  It’s no fun wandering caves trying to figure out just where you came in at.  Besides, I’ve been lost entirely too much on this venture as is.

In life, too, come to that.

To return to an earlier danger, let’s discuss lava.  Lava can be found in two distinct varieties: Gushing from a wall and in a nice pool.  The former you avoid, but when you’re looking for red stone, you’re looking for the stuff.  Any light in the distance might mean you’re nearing your goal.

It could mean other things too (such as having found your own trail), but leave us put a side the exposition and lean more towards the narrative for today.  I entered the cave I found near Asterisk Island and started exploring.  Torches on the left, the occasional dust-up with a monster, and so on and so forth, looking for lights in the distance and I make my way down to the center of the world.

Playing it the way I intended would entail just that.  No more, no less.  But on the way down, I started seeing things in the walls I wanted.  Coal.  Iron.  Gold.  Once I left the area, I wasn’t coming back.  Be a shame to leave all this good and useful stuff behind.  Let’s collect.

Not unreasonable.  Good idea, even.  While I have some magical armor on, I use the iron I find to build new equipment to protect myself.  A new sword, and such like.  Doing so means having a furnace, but that’s okay.  I needed it to cook to cook potatoes to get the most out of them.

And no, I didn’t eat all the potatoes and thus render the quest pointless.  A little credit for some brains, if you please.

It’s in the process of exploring and collecting that I suddenly get the urge to remodel Asterisk.


Remodel the base I have ever intention of leaving and never seeing again.

But look at it:

The Asterisk Affair 001

That’s so bland and boring.  Now compare it with this:

The Asterisk Affair 002

And a night shot for good measure:

The Asterisk Affair 003

Isn’t that great?

Of course it’s great.  And I needed stone steps up to the cave (for convenience’s sake, of course) and maybe a mine cart to ride up and down into the caves, supports for the cave roofs (it’ll look so much better that way), some trees around the island (for supplies, don’t you know) and…

It’s creator syndrome.  It’s what pulls me back to this game time and time again.  The urge to build, to see a world spring up all around me.  A town populated by villagers I saved, I protect, I keep going.  A little spire with an asterisk on top.

It’s hard to resist.

Fortunately, before I started plotting out a village (which would by necessity be dinky, as Asterisk wasn’t much of a much in the first place) I discovered a hole in the cave.  Not horribly deep; maybe twenty meters by the way the game judges things.  Most importantly of all, though, there’s light down there in the darkness.


Red stone.

At this point I was a little low on tools.  My pick broke and I needed to go back to Asterisk to fix up another one.  However, I was a little nervous about losing this place.  Torches surrounded the thing and while they’d help me get out, they wouldn’t help me find.

Not that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal hunting it up again.  I just wanted to save a little time.  So in front of the hole I make a large arrow out of torches pointing straight towards it.  No mistakes that way.

The arrow made, I stepped back to look at it, feeling rather pleased with myself.  With this discovery the adventure moved towards its conclusion, and all without a major screw up on my part.  I done good.

That’s when the hissing started.  Behind my Avatar stood a Creeper, very pleased with itself, about to take me with it to kingdom come.

When did I save last, exactly?

Oh, setting when first set foot on Asterisk.

Hours ago.  Before I’d even made the base…

Tomorrow: I commit what has to be one of the dumbest acts in my Gaming History.  Which is saying a lot.