cropped-elwood-and-cullen-000.pngOnce upon a time there was a boy who wrote a Horror story for his eighth grade English class. He didn’t think much of it at first. He’d written it up in desperation and turned it in with the hopes of getting a D. Or maybe, sweet maybe, a rare C-. It was just one assignment among many, and one of the few he turned in.

The next day a girl he knew came up to him in the hall. She told him how good his story had been. According to her, his English teacher had read it before her class.

Mortified didn’t quite describe how he felt over that tidbit. Despite the girl’s kind words, the only reason he could think for having the story read in class was as an example of what not to do when writing. It couldn’t have been that bad. Could it?

When the story came back to him, he thought there had to have been some mistake. There was an A on the page. That particular grade was for other people. Not for him. And not for a story he wrote.

It didn’t matter what he thought. Other people thought he could create. In time, he came to believe them.

From that day forward, he was doomed to become a Writer.

Since he loved Horror movies and Horror stories, he vowed to become a Master of Horror. He read everything he could on the subject. He sought out names like Bloch and Matheson, King and Koontz, Campbell and Herbert, Lovecraft and Poe. If there was a How-To book on the subject he read it. If there was an essay analyzing the subject he sought it out.

But this was not the only avenue he pursued. Film after film, show after show, he buried himself in elder horrors, gruesome murders, and horrid violence. It came to a point that his parents thought he wouldn’t like a film unless there was a decapitation, or “Blood” in the title. And they might have been right.

After years of research, he knew far more about the art of Horror than anything he had been taught at school. With this information, he felt he should be able to write stories that chilled the soul and curled the marrow of readers everywhere. Dark tales would bring him his due.

So he started writing comedic Fantasies more and more.

He’s not quite sure how that worked.

From that heady day in the hall to this, there have been shiny moments of glory for the boy, now a man. But one moment has, so far, eluded him: Publication. While it was true he had some things published (a sketch and an essay, respectively), he has no stories out in the world. Self doubt has crippled him for the majority of his life, preventing him from achieving his lifelong dream.

But through this blog, he has seen improvement. Such improvement. Until, at last, he begins to see a time when he might well achieve all he hopes for.

About the Blog

Welltun Cares Presents started out as a Writer’s Journal, a place where the author could write about whatever he wanted, with a special focus on the Fantastic Genres (Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction). It began with a few observations, a bit of poetry, and some movie reviews. More, it started on another Blog service entirely, which is neither here nor there.

Now well into its fifth year, it has expanded to cover a wide variety of topics, including web etiquette, popular music, and the occasional jabs at celebrities. He has also used it to display his growing talent at sketching. There are few topics he considers taboo, though he tries to keep towards the original “vision” he had for the site. Poems, bits of fiction, and the odd review still tend to be the norm.

What newcomers and long time readers should understand is that this blog operates on the whim of the author. He might promise one thing and deliver another. Dates set in advance may fly past without observation, or he may well publish something before he intended to. Series have been known to be started, only to petter out into nothing.

In addition to this, things like grammar and spelling tend to be overlooked. From the start, he has had the following warning up on his site:

Reader Beware!

In this Blog, the sentence structure is poorly put together, the spelling made of questionable material, and the thoughts behind each airy to the point of whimsy! The Author denies responsibility for any damages caused to readers from reading it!

It is meant in all good humor. The fact remains that this is in no way a professional site. The author makes no money with his work here. All this places is for is improving his writing.

He does hope that you, the reader, find it entertaining and worth while.

If you do see a problem, don’t hesitate to comment. No matter what face he puts on it, he does want things to look good here, and he will correct essays on… well… on whim.


11 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Claire Butchard and I work for a UK television programme called Have I Got News For You. We would like to feature a picture that is on your website to use on the show. The picture is of a YETI and I urgently need to speak to you as we are recording the show tonight. Please could you contact me as soon as possible on 0044 207 261 3168 or via my email clairebutchard@hattrick.com

    Many thanks
    Claire Butchard
    Hat Trick Productions

  2. I’m sure you can ask the BBC for that picture as it is from one of their TV shows.

    Please click here for more information.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie down somewhere and die of embarassment. Excuse, please.

  3. Hey, Cullen, for the past few years I’ve been working as a freelance writer in the Philippines. But I miss my old contacts (Beckoning Chasm, for example and, of course, you). I need to catch up on your website and contribute every now and again…

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