Wait, I Have a Blog?

Hi! My name is Cullen M. M. Waters! You might remember me as the sole author of Welltun Cares Reviews and this very blog!

Yeesh. Started the year blogging every day. Now towards the end of it and I skip entire months.

Anyways. Here’s what’s happening.


Wal-mart is happening.

For the first few weeks I’ve gotten back from work so beat I’ve wanted to do nothing but veg out.  Coherent thinking and I have been on the outs.  For the first time ever I’ve lost NaNoWriMo due to employment.

But! I’ve had a paycheck! Two paychecks!

That were almost instantly eaten up paying bills.

I remember having a pay check being more fun than this.

Anyways, I’m trying to force myself back into a more active non-work time.  This is the start of that.  I hope for more posts in future (including my detailing what will hopefully be the Most Painful Experience of My Life).

But just in case of long absences, Happy Thanksgiving!

It is still November, right?



One Reply to “Wait, I Have a Blog?”

  1. Good to see you back. Very funny joke there. Trying to make me doubt whether or not I’m getting senile, huh (lol) Anyway, good luck with your job and have a very Happy Halloween!

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