What’s New With Mr. Waters?

Currently the financial situation around Casa Waters (Casa Aquas?) has made it necessary for me to partially forgo the Starving Artiste persona and become Mr. Cog-in-Evil-Corporation-Guy.  As of today I have gainful employment (albeit part time for the nonce.)

To answer the obvious question I respond with… well…  Remember when I made a public service announcement a few years back?  About how we no longer were obligated to shop at a certain SuperStore?

Cancel that.

Who knew, right?

Now.  What does that mean over all?

No.  Freaking.  Clue.  I’m still going through origination; I haven’t done more than look at my department (Deli) in passing.

However, there is a real possibility that the constantly broke Mr. Waters will have money in pocket.  A mind blowing concept on my end of things.  My intent is to pick up some “necessities”.  A copy of Dagon, say.  As many Universal and Hammer Horror films as I can lay hands on.  Certain Anime series.  That sort of thing.

I’m also planning on picking up some ascents for RPG Maker.  There’s a pixel creator thing I’ve had my eye on.  Also some more modern settings.  They have Horror stuff and cranking out a Slasher adventure game has an appeal for me.

While we’re talking RPG Maker, I would be remiss in not mentioning what I’ve been doing with Goblinstomper!  It’s on quasi hiatus, what with NaNoWriMo around the corner.  It’s my hope to pick it back up in my free time after November.  I also hope to maybe take a swing at independent publishing novels, but that will take actually writing novels.  And getting said novels out roughly one every thirty days.

It’s probably a pipe dream.Angry Chicken 002

That said, I don’t want you to think no work has been done.  I’ve all but talked myself into doing all the art for the project.  Angry Chicken on the right is a sample monster, as is this fellow right here.  I have two other animal/monsters drawn that I’ve yet to put in to the Devil Box.  I’ve also taken some basic steps towards drawing our Heroes.

As much as I like the original art, I think my own art will set the game apart from the pack, making it a bit more appealing for selling.  Also, it makes all those expressions easier to manage

There is a whole rant about this, but this post is running long and I’m a wee bit tired.  How tired?  Putting HTML in the text editor tired.

Anyways, that’s where I’m at right now.  I’ll try to do a wee bit better with the updating and I hope at least a running count on NaNo this year.  Maybe put a few sketches up.


5 Replies to “What’s New With Mr. Waters?”

  1. Great news regarding the job. Also, good to hear that you’re moving forward with Goblinstomper! As for Dagon, it’s not Citizen Kane, but I like it for two reasons. One, in my opinion it’s the best Lovecraft film adaptation (albeit set in Spain) and two, it’s one of the final screen appearances of the great Spanish actor, Francisco Rabal.

    All-in-all, it’s good to hear how you’re doing in the world. And speaking of poor artist persona, my time of living in the Philippines (to further my Metaphysical/Meditation training and writing skills) is nearing it’s end. After nine years, living in a third world country (ah, the life of the destitute) and only getting by through my professional writing, I feel that it’s time to move on and return to the U.S. via a business partnership with my best friend/bro’s Tai Chi Schools.

    This will allow me to set up for my eventual retirement and take my Filipino wife to the States with me. I’ll be teaching Meditation classes in conjunction with his martial arts classes. (this is him: https://www.dcmdtaichi.com/master-paul-ramos/ ) He and I have been close fiends for a little over 45 years and are more like brothers than friends. Anyway, glad to hear about your new ventures!

        1. I just saw “The Beyond”. While entertaining (like “Reanimator” which also starred Mr. Jeffrey Combs), it fell short of adhering directly to Lovecraft. In my travel, though, some of the best adaptations were TV productions. Two of the most stellar adaptations are “Pickman’s Model” and “Cool Air” from Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery”.

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