Sorry, But Not TOO Sorry

So Brother Todd, Mom, myself, and a group of friends are playing Quiplash 2.  Two players get a prompt and they’re supposed to write the funniest answer for the prompt.  The other players then vote on the answers and the player with the most votes wins.

One of the prompts I get is the following:

The worst thing about being in a sleeping bag with Brother Todd is.

Being the elder brother, I of course have a duty, if not divine right, to give Todd grief.

So I do so.

The two resulting prompts were:

Odor and The Endless Farting.

Todd was a wee bit miffed.  There was a nice, loud, “The Hell?!”

Which was nice.

But not quite as nice as the second “The Hell?!” when the game finally revealed who the player’s who made the prompts were.  Me, he’d expect abuse from.  But his own mother?

(Oh!  For the record “The Endless Farting” was my answer.  Everybody voted for it and I got extra points.  Icing on the cake.  Icing. On.  The Cake.)


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