Hauro Nakajima

Godzilla 000

I stopped noting the passing of various genre figures on this blog a while ago, as it felt more than a little ghoulish on my part.  This, though, can’t go unnoticed.  Today Haruo Nakajima, the first guy to wear the Godzilla suit, has passed away.

In my childhood I had three big heroes.  Godzilla was one of them.  I think it might have been do to Nakajima’s rather enthusiastic portray of the Big Guy.  The way he’d go in swinging at the other monster/guy-in-a-suit seemed so much more real that the other monster figures out there.  To my mind, that’s the way Godzilla should be like, and not the more or less static version we got in later years.

Man I love those films still.  Thanks for that, Mr. Nakajima.

Haruo Nakajima 2Haruo Nakajima


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