The Grand Opening of GoblinStomper!

Okay, after some heartbreak and no little effort, I finally have the first two cut scenes, Grand Opening and First Fight done and a video up for viewing.  It is below and is more or less self explanatory.  The two scenes currently come back to back at the very start of the game and I have no current plans to change this.  Also, there’s a small bit of “bonus footage” at the end I’ve added for comparison at a later date.

More comments below the video for the curious:

And here are the further notes:

  • wizardYou might have noticed some odd distortion on the marching guards in the Throne Room and with Wizard himself.  This is neither RPG Maker’s fault nor XBox (how I captured the video).  Instead, it happened during the transfer to YouTube No clue why or how to fix it.  I am… displeased.
  • My original intent was to have one long movie like cut of Act One, hitting all the Cut Scenes at once.  This would have delayed things a bit, as making these things work takes time.  So the plan is installments as I go, with a massive “film” once every cut scene in the Act is completed.
  • heroA benefit of doing things this way is showing the “routes” through the game.  Currently this amounts to whether or not our Hero Hero gets a companion from the get go or not.  This “route” ties up with the next Cut Scene: The Green Elf.  I don’t know how many “routes” will appear during the course of the game–this one wasn’t exactly planned in advance–but it’s nice to give the Player a feeling of control, if only a small one.
  • Speaking of control:  You might notice that there are four choices, but I’ve only mentioned two routes.  While the positive answers all go to the Positive Play-through and the negative ones the Negative Play-through, that doesn’t mean the choices don’t matter.  There’s are hidden “meters” keeping track of the various choices the Player makes that will add up over time, leading to new “routes” (probably somewhere in Act Three or Four).  Right now there are six meters going with the potential of more being added.  Because I’m crazy like that.
  • While we’re on that subject:  Each of the positives will lead to a different (small) set of dialogue.  When I make the “Master Movie Play-through” it will be the “Positive Route.”  Also, there will be no changing of the names, for reasons that will become clear on the viewing.
  • Speaking of noticing: You might have noticed that, with the exception of the names, at no point does the Player have control over anything Hero says.  There is a reason for this.
  • On the combat:  That’s just a bare basic showing.  When we get further along into the game making, I hope to strength it a trifle.  Right now it’s just what the game gave me, with an altered game image for the chicken and two newly made attacks for the monster (only one is shown here.)

nilbogI think that covers everything. On to the next part, where we are (re)introduced to our next… er… hero: the divine Nilbog.  Been looking forward to her.

Except for the little fact that her introduction involves a crowd scene, and I’ve never done one of those before…



One Reply to “The Grand Opening of GoblinStomper!”

  1. That was EPIC!! I know that I’ve been following the creation of this game since its beginning, but these results really surprised me. You’ve done an amazing job and I can’t imagine anyone else who uses this software coming up with anything better. The thing that I like best is the attention to detail, such as those characters who are moving around in the background. I also appreciate the sense of humor that’s infused throughout. Amazing work! I can’t wait to see more…

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