A Map is Never Finished Until I SAY IT’S FINISHED

Last time we talked about Goblinstomper! I gave a list of Cut Scenes I planned to work on next.  I’ve finished the very first one (Grand Opening) and after finishing replacing and documenting the Castle’s Events (don’t ask) I intend to move on to the next one, First Fight.  I’d like to show off what I’ve done, but as the two are connected (one starts after the other ends) I’m holding off for now.

However, I want to show some progress has been made.  Thus let’s look at a map:

Gs Development 085

This is the town of Genrist, located outside Castle Genrist.  I’ve mentioned the town before in these ramblings.  Specifically, that I took its map and moved it to a new locale.

Then, maybe a few days after that, I redrew the whole thing.


Two of the three games GoblinStomper! is inspired by/making fun of start at a castle with a town right near by.  Besides, I was on a redrawing kick anyways, what with the whole Four Screen format (it’s defined towards the end of the essay).

I liked this a great deal when I’d finished, but, as these things happen, when I looked at it again today I found it… dull.

So I made alterations.

Gs Development 086

As you can see, the basics stayed the same.  I made the place a little more hilly to make it more visibly interesting.  I might do some tile moding in the future, but for now I’m done done doneski.  Took twenty, maybe twenty five minutes to fix it up.

This marks the last of the major work on the Four Screen format maps for Act One.  Everything else should be in tip top shape and ready for duty.  Next time we speak on the game I hope for a couple of cut scenes to show off.  And maybe first fight…


2 Replies to “A Map is Never Finished Until I SAY IT’S FINISHED”

  1. Everything looks great. You’ve done a lot with the map revisions. The scenery looks more interesting than one would expect from this type of game. However, I’m really looking forward to seeing a cut scene sample and perhaps a fight! That would be ultra-cool,

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