Goblinstomper! and the Shadow Madness

One of the… I dunno, features?  of RPG Maker MV is that it will put down shadows for you next to whatever walls you set up on the map.  These shadows, to my mind, give a certain depth and reality to the map.


See, the problem is, the shadows are all placed on the bottom layer of the tiles.  so it looks good on the map so long as nothing else on the map is over them.

Here are three samples of this

GS Shadow Examples 001:

Looks more than a little wrong, now doesn’t it?

The solution is, in theory, simple: create a tile that will duplicate RPG Maker’s native shadow maker, then set it so that it’s on the highest tile level.

I’m not so certain how clear any of this is; I’m dead tired as I’m writing this.  Let me just show you the end results of this:

GS Shadow Examples 000

Not bad, sez I.  It took longer to set up these images than to make the tile.

The problem is (and you had to know there was a problem) I now have to remove the native shadows (as with the new tiles over them they look extra dark).  More, I now have to add the new tile to every single map I’ve drawn.

This has lead to oddities needing fixed (such as some trees having weird shadows on them).  It has also lead to me finding little gaffes in the maps that I missed the first time through.

I expect to keep finding little errors each time I hit these maps.  It goes with the territory.  What’s been great, though, is that I’m satisfied with everything I’ve been seeing.  This is progress.

Speaking of progress, I have two floors of the Ruined Tower mapped out out of a possible four.  With these two, I have the pieces of the various puzzles set up and in place.  Floor #1 has everything done save a cut scene, which might not work like I hope.  Meantime, Floor #2 just needs the puzzle pieces programmed in (a subject we may touch on in future installments of this crazy ride.)

The goal of the Phase One portion of Act One is to have a “game” I can quickly play through.  No mechanics yet, just the maps and the puzzle parts in place.  Which I think might well be done before the end of July.  I have a few more cut scenes to install, but when it’s finished, I intend to record a little run through that, hopefully, will continue to show not only what I intend, but where I’m headed.

And now Cullen sleeps.


One Reply to “Goblinstomper! and the Shadow Madness”

  1. Yes, that “shadow issue” seems to have been addressed well. The “extra dark” issue IMO isn’t really an issue, since shadows can be different colors, depending on the materials (and lighting) involved. If nothing else, you’ve now have been given the opportunity to fix problems that may have originally escaped you. All-in-all, nice progress.

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