Checking In Post #1784

I’m still here, still working on various projects.  For the record.

Today has proved Interesting.  Brother Todd had a minor operation done on him.  He has been having problems in a… delicate region of his person for years now and that region decided to act up on him again.  Thus he’s back using a catheter until Thursday, when it will be removed.  By him.  All by himself.

Me personally I’m healthier now than I was last year around this time.  And counting them blessings, as you might imagine.

Anyways, that’s the monthly post.  I’ll try to make a repeat appearance sooner rather than later, but I’ve been doing a whole lot more “thinking about posting” than actually posting.

As I’ve been writing (or creating) rather than just staring into space in contemplation, this isn’t that bad a thing.


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