Mein Gott! Mazes Hurt the Brain!

Still working on Goblinstomper! Today it’s mazes.  Or rather maze, as, contrary to what I originally intend, I’m thinking one maze for the first ruin should be plenty.

A part of this is the horrible. horrible pain I’m putting myself through with this one.

When I was in high school, I drew mazes all the damn time.  Nonstop.  If A’s were handed out for mazes, I’d have gotten them.

These days?  Not so much.

Mazes are hard.  Especially when you need not only to make sure the player  can finish the map but also doesn’t get stuck somewhere.  Then there’s the danger of not getting the preferred lever charmingly challenging, hitting instead the-hell-is-wrong-with-this-guy’s-head level of frustration.

So as I can add floors later, I’m going to finish this one, then create the upper floor.  With that accomplished, I hope to revamp some of the events on the other maps so I can do a clean run through (a run through I will record as a sort of proof of concept).  Then we can final put Phase One of Act One to bed and move on to the next Phase.

As a side note, tomorrow I’m doing something that’s the complete opposite of what I’m doing today.  Instead of writing, game designing, and generally having fun I’m going to be working my ass off helping to get ten apartments cleaned.  Scrubbing, wiping, carrying out the trash, and such delights.

Oh, and the other difference?  I’m getting paid.

Not sure if it’ll be worth it or not.

At least it’s going to have nothing to do with mazes.

I hope.


2 Replies to “Mein Gott! Mazes Hurt the Brain!”

  1. I hear you. Mazes are definitely difficult and a poorly designed one will only frustrate the player. I’ve run into quite a number of those in my time. It’ll be interesting to see how yours turns out.

    1. I’ve restarted drawing the current one at least three times today. It’s be a relief to finish this.

      Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m thinking about a lot of mazes. I love mazes. I’ve just been finding the ones in the ruins challenging given their nature.

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