Goblinstomper! Deleted Scene!

One of the reasons I’ve not done much fiddling with dialogue in RPGMaker is that I want to keep things fluid.  Sometimes I become attached to a way of doing something  one way and it’s hard to move on when that thing becomes impractical.

Take, for instance,  the boulder puzzles.


Watching the recent video, you might have noticed their absence in the later versions.  This is because they became impractical due to how I changed the map.

Still, I love me some pushing-things-around type puzzles.  So I figured I’d add them to the ruin tower portion of the proceedings.  Even made more sense there.

And I’m sure that, at some point, I’ll be going back to them.  But, as you might have guessed, I ditched the idea for now.  Partial because I found another puzzle type that interested me more than that (more on that in a moment), but because of the fact I didn’t have a decent reset state of resetting things when the Player screwed up the puzzle.  And the Player needs to be able to screw up the puzzle, or there’s no challenge.

Before removing the puzzle, however, I had broken my little rule about adding scenes and added a small scene.  As I rather liked the scene and have a means of saving it, I upload it to Youtube.

And, as I have a blog, I decided to link it here.

Oh, and the character that pops up briefly at the end?  That’s Exadeus, the Tutorial Angel.  She may or may not be a thing.  Haven’t decided yet.

Anyways, here’s the video:


2 Replies to “Goblinstomper! Deleted Scene!”

  1. That was an excellent puzzle concept! That scene (even if it doesn’t make it into the final version) illustrates a couple of things to me. One, the “feel” of the game (as crafted by the dialog) is not only entertaining, but establishes characters that the player can actually care about. And, secondly, the music and graphics (although simple, as one would expect) do a lot to provide a retro-look that I feel never really went out of style. This is the type of game that people would want to play when they’re not up for devoting their entire lives to a game or game series (Like Diablo, etc.). You’re to be commended on the good work you’re doing here. It’s actually coming out better than I expected. Seriously.

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    I would love to take credit for the puzzle, but it’s actually quite common in JRPGS. I adore it every time it comes up, though, and the thought of not having it in what might be my only one of theses things hurts for some reason. just not yet.

    The scene itself might make it into the game yet in a different fashion. Dunno. Right now I’m struggling with the current puzzles. Apparently I have no sense of scale. I’ve been going at this sort of like “Okay you finished the 10 piece jigsaw, here’s a thousand piece one with no edges. All white.” Not a good idea.

    My only problem with the music and art is that it all comes with the game. The music I’m stuck with; as talented as I may or may not be in other arts, a composer I ain’t. The graphics I toy with drawing myself; but haven’t committed to yet. I can and am modding what I got, albeit in very, very simplified fashion.

    Again, thanks for commenting.

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