The Importance of Using the Thing On the End of My Neck For Something Other Than Wearing My Hat

There’s this site I lurked at called Chizumatic.  Discusses Anime and the like.  I didn’t agree with the author, Steven Den Beste,  on everything, but he posted pretty anime women and I’m all about pretty anime women.

Last October he put up a post entitled Board up the windows, ’cause they’s a storm coming!  In it, he talks about a storm coming to his city.  Very jocular. He ends his post with the following: “Regardless, it’s possible I’ll be out of contact for some period over the weekend.”

And then he died.

I remember that week or so fairly well.  The growing concern among the posters, the efforts to contact Den Beste, and then the revelation that the concern was well founded.

So really, I have no excuse on setting up a similar situation towards the end of last March.

The first few days, sure.  Losing Elwood wasn’t a complete shock. We’ve been expecting him to go for better than a year now; little guy thankfully proved tougher than we thought.  Still, it hit hard.  For several days I really didn’t feel like writing at all.

Then April started.   I was busy completely failing at Camp NaNoWriMo (seriously, only updated that page twice).  I figured, hey!  I mentioned I was going to do that a couple of times here.  Should be all good.

But really, it wasn’t.

Sorry about that.

The time gone, though, was well spent.  I worked on writing, got a lot done there (just not enough for the Camp, natch), did some sketches.  More, I’ve done a serious rethink on how I’ve been handling Goblinstomper!  This involves maps, the over all story, and more.  Can’t wait to hash it out here.

Of course, there’s this little SPECIAL POST on Goblinstomper! that I wanted to do first…

Anyways, I’m back, I’m hopefully going back to the daily schedule, without any sort of duck ups.


One Reply to “The Importance of Using the Thing On the End of My Neck For Something Other Than Wearing My Hat”

  1. Hey Cullen – My condolences regarding Elwood. Currently we have 6 dogs (plus one cat and a kitten). Since my wife and I don’t have any kids, these are our children. That’s also been the case for over, lo, these many years in my life (60) when I’ve seen my “children” pass away. On a more positive note, I’m glad to see that you’re working on Goblinstomper. As for me, things are progressing as well as can be expected (remember, I live in a 3rd world country). May is the hottest month in the the Philippines and, soon, typhoon season will be upon us (lovely). But it’s also mango season and there’s a huge mango tree in our yard. In any case, I’m getting ready to set up my new business website. I just need one more client (or two – I currently have 5) for my professional writing business (it pays the bills and affords me a decent lifestyle, right now – 3-bedroom rental house, maid, etc.). But I want to set up something more for my retirement years. As such, I’m going “public” with my new metaphysics book and teachings. It’ll be part of my best friend’s (for over about 45 years) Tai Chi school’s website, that I manage. Eventually, I plan to take my wife to the United States. Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re still alive 🙂

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