What Was He Thinking?

Time travel is impossible and will never ever happen.  The reason for this has nothing to do with science or theory, but to simply to prevent Current Cullen from laying hands on Past Cullen.  Because if I could lay hands on him… oh, the beating he would get.

Why, you ask?  Oh so many reasons.  Among the current ones is my idea of organization of my old files.  Namely there.  Is.  None.

These days I’ve got a place for everything and everything in its place.  I think.  Maybe.  If I don’t, that’s a problem for Future Cullen (please don’t come back and punch me, Future Cullen).

The hell, Past Cullen?! The hell?!

Here’s another one:  I have one document file where all the text formatted in landscape instead of the usual letter way.  Landscape.  In bright light green.

Who the hell does that?

Well.  Me.  Apparently.


Outside of that, I’m moving forward with straightening the files out to a readable, non bright light green format.


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