Old Art Ahoy!

Still mucking about with old files. My God was I disorganized (ha!  I said was.)  One of the files I came across bears the label “Mine”, as in my stuff.  Yet it has images captured for a never realized The Fog review, which clearly is not mine.

Young Cullen.  What a rebel.

Anyway, I stumbled over some old art, and thought, as they were decent enough, I’d share.

This sketch is “Creature”.  The date on it marks it a 2006 attempt.  Kinda cute little fellow, really.  Has a Dark Crystal vibe to him.  I think I put it on the computer via the high tech method of using my cell phone.  Those were the days.


This, shockingly enough. is “Demosquirrel”.  This might be a 2011 effort, and thus maybe even actually scanned into the computer.  How novel.  I’m certain he’s not plotting anything… demonic or anything.


Last but not least is this fine effort, “Discussion.”  No idea who any of these characters are, but they seem to be talking about something, doesn’t it?  This one’s labeled 2008 and was no doubt “inked” on Jasc.  Though Manga Pro might be a possibility with that back drop.  Wish I could remember if I did that “by hand” or not.


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