I Really Don’t Like Lemons or Lemonade. Though Both Are Handy If Good Titles Are Hard to Come By

It’s strange.

Some days are superproductive.  You get what you want done, when you want done.  Sometimes even more than expected.

Then there are days when you have done something, yet have nothing to show for it.  Just the vague sense of moving forward, despite the appearances of holding still.

Personally I’ll take the first over the second any day.  But when a pinch comes, the second will do.  The second will do nicely.

What have I done today?  Overcame an outline problem.  Nothing big, nothing amazing.  Just something that might help me move forward tomorrow.

In life, we have to enjoy and be thankful for what good comes along.  There have been and will always be days when no good will come.


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