So How Did This Happen Again?

godzilla-2014-000I’m not going to say I’m the world’s biggest Godzilla fan, cause I’m not. Love the big guy to death, have a ton of his movies, have action figures, on and on. If his movie is playing in my theater, I’m there. I eagerly await the anime version.

Hell, I’ll watch the Hanna Barbara cartoon on occasion.

When I’m desperate.

So how did it happen that I didn’t move over mY Godzilla reviews over at the sister site?

I have, like, exactly two.  Out of a possible four movies that I reviewed for the site, I only have two reviews.  And only the dink minnow ones at that.

How did this happen?

I feel rather disgusted with myself.

So the movies I’m watching for the Sister Site are going to be Godzilla flicks.  I am going to try to review all the Godzillas (or at the very least all the Godzilla movies I have.)  I’m also going to see what needs doing to get the reviews I already have ready for reposting.

It’s a rough job, but some how… some how I’ll get through it…


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