Status Report #1,728

Today wasn’t exactly a banner day for me working, but I managed to do some.  I did some prep on the outline series (not outlining the outline series, mind you, that would be totally anal, but now that I said that, hmmm…) and fiddled a little on Goblinstomper.  I also started the “anthology” idea.  If you look up at the top of the page (or just click here) you’ll find a new link called Odd Tales.  Only one story is there, but we’ll be seeing more soon.  When the Carolers Sing will definitely be up there, and maybe the whole Strange Dialogue series.  I’ve noticed a habit of doing a mild form of editing, so I’m a little hesitant to go whole hog on this, but who knows?  In any case, I’ll mention updates to it when they happen.

Might even put up a special widget for it over at the side. Hmmm, part two.

Tomorrow might, I say again might, be a miss day.  Rumor has it Mom’s being discharged tomorrow and I’d like to be there and ready to go iffin it happens.  You make her wait too long, she has a nasty habit of walking home all on her own.

She’s using the walker these days and has pains in the knees, but I’m not taking any chances.

Anyways, it’s been forever since I’ve posted any sketches and there seems to be a couple nice ones sitting on my desk.  So that might be tomorrow’s fair.


2 Replies to “Status Report #1,728”

  1. Hi Cullen – First of all, I’m really glad regarding the possibility of your Mom being discharged. As I said, once before, I certainly empathize with you in that department. I’m also really glad that you were able to do a bit on Goblinstomper. I look forward to possibly checking that out upon completion. Also, I’m interested in checking out your artwork, since it’s an interest of mine. However, I didn’t see a working link for “When the Carolers Sing”, where it says “click here”. Anyway, catch you later…

    1. Good lord. I’ve been doing this site for twelve years, you’d think I’d remember to make sure all the links work. Then again, I can’t seem to remember that it’s not When the Carolers Sing but Before the Carolers Sing. Ten years old, that one is. One of my faves. Can’t remember the name.

      Really sad.

      Anyways, it’s up in Odd Tales, but can be seen here

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