So What’s Up With Mr. Waters This February?

My track record for planning things out is abysmal.  I’ll often say I’m going to do something, only not to follow through.  Sometimes with cause, sometimes… less so.

Let’s see if I can change that.

Above and beyond posting something every day, I plan to do the following:

  • I’m still working on Goblinstomper.  I’ve cut back with Mom in the hospital (the heart really isn’t in it) but it hasn’t really left my thoughts.  I don’t want to stop out right, either, as that’s the way my projects tend to die.  So my intent is at least one progress post every weekend.  Saturday, maybe.  I reserve the right to post any time on the matter for any reason.  Oh, and the thirtieth post on the subject will be a joke post.  I think we can all guess why.
  • I’m considering building an anthology of sorts here on site, collecting my best stories and maybe even my… ugh… poems.  It’ll have its own page at the top of this site, and serve as a sort of sampling of my writing talents (or lack thereof (except my best stories are really, really quite adequate, so I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of there.))
  • I want to watch at the very least one movie this month and do a review for it over at the Sister Site.  So there might be a few “ads” for that.  I might “take a few days off” to do a Whale or some such (expect snark on comic art and/or more babbling about Power Girl.)
  • I’m also working on novel outlines this month.  If I learned anything from last NaNoWriMo (hell, the last eleven NaNos) is that I’m not a pantser.  I can’t come up with a story on the fly.  I need some structure, some place to hold up the proverbial coat and hat.  I’ve been fiddling with a process involving the ideas and advice of some of the better writers out there.  It helped a little with last year’s NaNo (though not enough) and hopefully it’ll put me closer to sealing the deal.  I intend to have three outlines written by the end of this month, and I figure I can maybe make some entertaining posts out of the process.
  • Here’s where I prove I’m insane.  I said three outlines, I have a purpose for them already.  One will be for the NaNoWriMo in November; another will be for the NaNoWriMo they have in July (Camp NaNoWriMo).  The third (and here’s where I step into the land of crazed) is an attempt at writing a novel in three days.  60,ooo words, three days, from a guy who thinks a 2,000 word day is just awesome.  It’ ain’t happening, you know it, I know it, but I’m going to try it anyways.  If I don’t hit three days, I’ll try to finish in a week.  Then two weeks.  Or some slightly more rational amount of time.
  • There will be no posts saying I’m not posting that day.  If I have something to say (even if it’s minor), I’m going to say it.  Otherwise I won’t.  A daily schedule only helps if I actually do my job.  Shocking thought, there, I know.

That’s the plan.  Whether or not any of it comes to plan or I explode or something, I can’t say.  As a deucedly handsome fellow once said “Here’s to hoping that something fun develops.”

This February and beyond.


3 Replies to “So What’s Up With Mr. Waters This February?”

  1. Hey Cullen,
    I seriously look for ward to your updates regarding your game construction. And, I of course, I wish your Mom a speedy recovery. My Mom seems to be doing okay, now, at 91 (92 in April) and miraculously managed to survive that bout with the flu (that her son-in-law (the Walgreen’s pharmacist) brought home and infected the entire family.

    In any case, let me ask you – is there a particular website in which you find and download the movies that you watch? I ask this, because I download mine form a truly great site ( completely free and no signup required). Let me know…

    1. My Mom’s doing great. She’d giving them (good natured) hell at the hospital. Today we discovered she’s no longer allergic to penicillin, which is a relief and might help with her problem. i’m only going to feel like myself once she gets out.

      On where I get my films, not only do I have an extensive DVD library (Godzilla 1984 was a recent acquire), I’ve got access to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube (which was where I watched Five Million Years to Earth last year) and Amazon. Amazon has gotten especially evil with my time by adding several Horror flicks I’ve been dying to see, including other films as Fulci’s The Black Cat and The Giant Alligator. hurting for viewing materials I ain’t. It’s just getting off the posterior and doing something about it that’s the problem.

      1. That’s good, about your Mom. If you need a link to a free copy of “Troll 2”, let me know. That one is hard to get for free – and it’s hilarious 🙂

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