Robin, Of Course, Keeps His Eyes Right Where They Belong as a Good Side Kick Should


A few quick thoughts about the above cover:

  • I love how Green Arrow has a nice clear view of what’s happening to Batman and seems to be doing nothing.  Seems to be is the operative word: he’s no doubt thinking “Do it!  Do it!”  Tired of being referred to as a lame Batman ripoff, are we?
  • The slightest move will kill Batman.  Which means Knife Lad there is over doing things a little.  Just push the wheelchair around a bit.  Perfect crime, no one would ever know.  Unless he wants people to know, then never mind.
  • Speaking of the slightest move thing, that’s not a lot of bandages for a dude in critical condition.  And shoddily put on to boot.
  • Wait, wait, wait.  Why do they have a guy who can die at the slightest move in a wheelchair?
  • Green Lantern gets listed on the side, but doesn’t appear on the cover, winning him this week’s “Least Respected Super Hero Since Aquaman award.”
  • Seriously?  Why is Batman in a wheelchair?  I can buy still in his costume, if the slightest move could kill him.  But a wheelchair?  Really?
  • I also love how Black Canary is hushing the two guys.  Imagine the possible continuation of this conversation.  “Even the slightest sound could do him in!”  “Then why are we whispering at the door?  And why is the door open?” “…Shut up, Robin.”  “GOD! I’M GOING TO HAVE TO GO IN AND KILL THAT FLYING RODENT MYSELF, AREN’T I?!”  “Oliver!”
  • Actually, I know for a fact Green Arrow isn’t looking into the room; he’s too busy staring at Black Canary’s chest.  In fact, he doesn’t realize he’s in a hospital at all.  He wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to holler “Hello nurse!” that long


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