Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XXII): The Story So Far


Okay, I now have villagers, doors, and various other things in the port.  I can walk about the place, even enter a store or two.  No problems with any of the links.  Nothing is boss, but in this case nothing needs to be.

Tomorrow I move to the next step: the gaining of a row-boat.

Before that, though, I thought a small refresher on how the plot now runs.  This is (more or less) direct from my Scrivener notes and, as everything here, can change at any time.


Summoned by the King, Hero the Goblinstomper arrives in the Throne Room right on time, like a good Hero should. Waiting for him is the Kingdom’s Chancellor, Sycho, who has taken charge of the meeting.  Behind him the king dozes, as is his wont.

Sycho tells the Goblinstomper that the King wants the return of the Mac Griffin (formerly the Mac Gruff’in), a statue of historic relevance supposedly in the dangerous Mac Griffin Ruins to the east. Countless dangers stand between Hero and his goal (okay, that might be hyperbole), but that doesn’t matter.  A true Hero like the Goblinstomper stops at nothing!  Just another notch on his belt.

Hero leaves.  As he does, the King wakes briefly and asks what has been going on. Sycho tells his Majesty that nothing of import has happened, which is an odd response if the King really wants the Mac Griffin.

Unaware of this, Hero finds his travels take him through the Mysterious Elven Forest of Mystery.  Typically a nice little tourist destination (so long as you stay on the path), he expects quick passage to his destination.  This, though, is not to be.

Why?  Well, every month the local guard, one Mac Leftun, take his partner Archie Wrightward’s wages to him through the forest.  And for at least three months, each time he did this, the local bandit the Green Elf popped out with her Goblin crew and robbed Mac.  It’s happened so often that Archie has gone on strike, refusing to let anyone through his end of the trail until either someone deals with the Green Elf or he gets his wages.


Arriving just ahead of Hero, though, is a Wizard named Wizard.  Wizard, too, wants to head to the Mac Griffin Ruins, but not to remove the statue.  He needs to study it in its natural environment as part of his studies.   Had he his druthers, he’d just wait until the path opens up again, but the combind effort of Mac and Hero convinces him to at least enter the forest and look for the Green Elf.

Currently there’s a mild fork in the plot.  The Player can, in theory, work up enough money to pay Archie and get access to the port.  This is Wizard’s preferred means of doing the job, as it seems more expedient (not to mention safer) than looking for a known criminal in said criminal’s home turf.  The “True” path, however, has Hero and Wizard explore the forest and battle a massive Goblin Guard.  This Guard, named Wilbur, is the Goblin Hero claims to have stomped.  Thing is, while Wilbur doesn’t quite remember the incident, he’s fairly certain that the Warrior who beat him had purple hair and not red.

nilbogIn any case, the two beat Wilbur and move on to next face the Green Elf.  She is perfectly willing to fight both of them… right up until she catches sight of Wizard, whom she fails instantly in lust with.  After a quick (and patently false) attempt to play victim, she gathers up Wilbur and flees the scene.

Job done, the two continue to the port town.  On the way, Wizard learns that Hero is also heading to Mac Griffin Ruins, and decides (reluctantly) that it’s better to stay in each other’s company.

At port, the two learn no ships sail to that part of the kingdom.  They will have to take a row-boat instead, and the only row-boat still in town belongs to the local church.

Which is where we pick things up tomorrow.  Also tomorrow, I draw the inside of a church.  It’ll be fun!

I think.


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