Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XW): Village Work


Despite a small eye issue (got better, no need to see a doc) and suffering from a bad case of Voltron Season 2, I manged to persevere.  As mentioned yesterday I wrote dialogue for the villagers:


That’s an first response, plus something new if the Player talks to the Villager a second time.   A little more involved that a placeholder comment, but still.  It’s pretty good.

I did better than twenty of these.  Those that didn’t quite match the Port setting I’ll set a side, planning to use elsewhere.  In the end, I had twenty couples.

For ten Villagers.

I had forgotten I only need ten.

Maybe they can be reworked.

Maybe there can be Villagers in the shops.

I don’t know.

All I know is I’m glad my eye stopped hurting.

And that Voltron has a second season.



3 Replies to “Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XW): Village Work”

  1. Make sure that you give your eyes the proper rest. Every now and then, I have to stop and pay attention to my eyes bothering me after I have worked online (in my Upwork writing business) for 8 hours and then decided to play “Torchlight 2” for another 4 hours. In any case, I need to pick up some Visine.

    1. I was cleaning grease (I think) from a metal rack when something went into my right eye. Dunno if it was grease or something else, but it hurt like hell and didn’t want to be washed out. (Not that I did an expert job on that score; me and the eyes are extremely sensitive).

      Today I’ve been fine, and very thankful it wasn’t worse than that.

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