Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XVII): Switches

There’s nothing like doing a play test and finding out your clever bit of business screwed up your other clever bit of business.  Such a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

Must be.  How else can you explain why I keep doing it?

Best of all, I go back to the earlier bit of clever and wonder just how the hell I got it working in the first place.

I tell ya, every time I seriously think about getting into coding, this kinda crap pops up…


Yesterday we talked about the Event Editor.  As we did, we brushed on Switches.  To summarize my no doubt woefully oversimplified explanation, a Switch is a basic Yes/No statement.  It can be used to direct traffic, telling the Event whether it’s time to act or not.  They can be checked off in the Condition section of the editor, as I said before:


They also work inside the main Contents area:


With a flick of a Switch, I can choose whether the game shows a villainess in pursuit of her quarry:


Or a villainess who doesn’t quite realize she’s been bypassed by the plot:


I used to prefer the more flexible Variables, but I’ll be darned if Switches haven’t been my go-to guy while programming this game.  The basic simplicity is what I’ve liked.

The above example has a designated Switch for it.  However, to avoid Dread Clutter, I don’t make a Switch for every little thing.

Or rather, I do.  I turn them on for a short while, then turn them off again.

gs-switch-002These are my “Stage Directions”.  I’ve got a set for Variables, too.  I need an Autorun stopped for only a moment and not for good, I use one of these guys.

Just as a quick example, the map where the above Cut Scenes appear on is one where the Player roams through.  To keep the Autorun from starting a scene instantly, I have a condition set for it to wait until the SD:A Switch gets flipped.

Really useful.

And that’s all I’ve got on the subject.  Really sorry I didn’t press on with it yesterday.  Oh well.  I guess they all can’t be winners…


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