Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XIV): When Nilbog Met Wizard


Well, just with the Mysterious Elven Forest of Mystery map.  But still.  Woosh.  Lotsa work.  Lotsa thinking “Why the HELL did you let it get this far without doing what needed done?”

You know what I’m trying not to think about?  Having to do all that work fixing lax moments  through a full game.  Mein Gott.  Might lose my mind doing that.


All the Events on the MEFoM are now names and standardize, as well as listed over on the Scrivener file.  I don’t have all the THIS EVENT DOES NOTHING DON’T TOUCH put in place, but at this moment I don’t care.  Tonight I do the South Guard Post, then we start moving forward again.

Hopefully with a better plan in place.

Speaking of moving forward, a little story.gs-development-051

The plan, as I made mention, was to just standardize the Content presentation and write-up a little file in Scrivener.  In and out, quick as you please.  No more work than absolutely necessary.

Sort of like I was supposedly doing on the game.  How well that works.


I hit Nilbog’s Event, and I decide to flesh it out a bit.  Originally I had three Texts in place as place holders.  “Here’s the lost wages back!”, “You are now 300 Gs richer!” and something to the effect of “Bye now!” (as I can’t now recall what I wrote.)  I figure I program in her reaction to being found, adding just a couple more Texts, and that would be that.  More temporary work, but it would give me a better idea of what was going to happen.

I get what you see above done, and I suddenly realize that for the scene to work I’m going to need to direct things.  Move the hero characters into positions, that sort of thing.  I tried to guide things a little, directing the Player’s movements, that sort of thing.  None of it feels, you know, boss.

So I decide it needs to be a cut scene.  Not a problem, as game-wise the Player will be coming in off a fight with the Goblin Guard.

For cut scenes, I tend to go to my best friend, the SHEMP Event.  Shemp’s already taking care of one cut scene dealing with Nilbog on this map (her sole appearance if the Player doesn’t met here in the course of the game).  Why not two?

I don’t want to actually program the whole thing in (in and out, that sort of thing.)  So I go to Scrivener and add the new details to the MEoM Shemp’s index card:


You might notice that I’ve got those cards formatted.  Got a nice indent there.  Since there’s no ruler on the cards to set up the cards, I have to personally put that into place.  Because as much as I claim I want to do this quickly CAN’T STOP DOING MORE WORK.

That was not a digression.  It’s this post’s main point.

I get to this point.  I’m check to see that everything looks good on the card, that I can read it, find information.  As I do, I realize two things.  First, I want to set up the Trigger information like I did the Function information, with numbering so I know where which connects to what.  Second, that if I do the first, information drops off the bottom of the card.  It’s not vital information, but I’m going to notice it every time I–

No, that’s not going to be strong enough.

I’m going to know it’s there whether I notice it or not.  I’m going to push on with this project, knowing there’s a card with information dropping off at the bottom.  I’m going to know this, and every critical bone in my body (i.e. my entire skeleton) will tell me to go and do something about it as soon as possible.   Might as well fix it now.

Quickest way?  Enlarging the card.  It’s not at the largest size.  It can go bigger.

And if it does, every.  Single.  Card.  Gets bigger too.

Wheee!  More formatting!  More not moving forward!

Maybe I can just reword a few things.  Or maybe I don’t have to follow format like it’s a religion or a political party.  Or did I stutter?

I thought about the problem.  And as I did, a little voice whispered in my head, “What does Nilbog’s Event do, exactly?  Outside of just standing there?”

Boom!  Shemp doesn’t have to run every cut scene.  Another can do the job just as well.

And it was at that very moment I knew how the whole cut scene would run.

I’m not kidding.

The whole cut scene came directly to life.

So, rather than risk losing it, I went over to the Nilbog MEoM file of Scrivener and wrote the whole thing down:

Click on image to enbiggen

The stuff on the right is the entirety of Nilbog’s Event as I had it at the time, so you can compare the two if you feel the need.  Note the actual script continues on beyond what I’ve shown you.

This is, without a doubt, brilliant.  Why didn’t I think of pulling in a writing program sooner?

So yeah, I made progress on the game today.

Just not for the Phase I’m supposed to be on.


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