Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XI): Other Work

As I said a couple of days ago, I lost maybe a map full of Events.  Not the worst crash ever, but crashes tend to take something out of you.  In order to get myself in a better frame of mind, I’ve been doing Other Work.

This stuff is basic things.  Standardizing the appearance of the Command strings, making sure Events work when I click on them (some, having been brought from an earlier attempt, will crash the game), eventually fixing that guard problem I have, that sort of thing.  It feels like I’m spinning my wheels, but I really am doing necessary work.  Better now when things are relatively simple than when the game gets BIG.

Assuming it ever does, of course.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to help myself out by making a record of what I’ve done and maybe what I want to do outside the confines of RPG Maker.  It’s impossible to look at Events side by side.  However, it is possible to have another program with the same information up at the same time.

My first inclination was to head out and buy a notebook.  Write it down in cold ink.  Which was… How to express this properly… Really, really fecking stupid.  Probably fecking with a U instead of an E stupid.

My handwriting is what doctors refer to as terrible.  Even printing.  Almost illegible.  That sometimes, when in a hurry, I switch to cursive midway through doesn’t help at all.  Odds are good that, a few days after writing the note down I’d forget what i wrote and never be able to figure out the scrawl.

More importantly, though, is that I. HATE. WRITING. BY.  HAND.  A LOT.  And even as small as this project is, I’m going to be writing quite a bit.

Fortunately the two neurons that make up my brain decided to start talking to one another again (they’ve been so crabby lately) and came up with another idea.  How about using a program?


My first choice was Tiddlywiki, a very nice little Open Source Wiki I toyed with maybe five years ago.  Fun stuff, easy to organize, that short of thing.

Trouble is, Tiddlywiki has its own operating language.  As I used it extensively back in the day, I’m sure I could pick it up again.

But that means fiddling with two operating systems at once, and I fear confusion at some point.

By this point I’d involved Brother Eric, who had several interesting suggestions.  The one I ultimately went with was One Note, because hey!  That’s on my Devil Box already.  Easy install.

I used it to record what Events were where, what they did, and so on.  I even wrote down the opening cut scene script.  Really a nice program.  You can move written bits around like sticky notes, put them where you want, that sort of thing.  I liked it.

But I’m going with my old pal Scrivener instead.

Something I should have done in the first place.

Here’s an image to help explain why:

Click to embiggen.  One Note is on the left, Scrivener is on the right.  Sort of like before and after.

For all of its pluses (ranging from the sticky note thing to being very simple to use), One Note doesn’t organize things the same way Scrivener can.  Plus (with the exception of the stick note thing, mostly) Scrivener can do everything One Note can.

But, and here’s the deciding factor, I can format the paragraph margins.  I can set the text up (as in this script) so I can write new messages as they will appear in the game.

I don’t need to tell you how phenomenally useful that is, right?

As I write this, I’m working on the Castle Exterior map.  I hope, hope hope hope,  this goes smooth and I can get back to “real” work soon.

Oh!  Before I forget, I should add I’m figuring out how to add things to the Character Generator.  For reasons I’ll touch upon tomorrow.  Assuming I don’t have any “progress” to report.


2 Replies to “Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XI): Other Work”

  1. Have you considered what you’re going to do with the game, once it’s completed? Maybe market it? I know that may sound ridiculous (on some level). However, you’d be amazed at how “simple” things can get a following. Case in point… I once produced (by hand and MIMEOGRAPH, no less) a small collection of original stories and put up a (free) ad in a monster mag (this was back in the 60s). Not only did I sell it to someone (yes, for cash), but they became a “fan” and wanted to know when my next “collection” was coming out (yikes!) I was about 12 years old at the time. True story.

    1. Whatever I do with it is a ways down the pike, as there’s lots left to do. However, I’ve thought about seeing what it takes to put it up on the Steam market place. I probably wouldn’t sell it for much and probably won’t make much off it. About the most I hope for is at least making back what I’ve spent on RPG Maker.

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