Goblinstomper! Development Diary (X): The Price of Being Clever

There is clever, and then there is clever.

I think my plan of a bare basic game is a good one.  I can run through the game quick, see how things are working, how the maps look, things like that.  A little early play testing, if you will.  When I add the combat and monsters, I’ll have to test that too, obviously.

That’s one sort of clever.

Then there the other.

I decided I needed to work on the opening cut scene.  Not much work (ha ha ha), just set it up so the guards turned to watch Hero approach the stairs.  After that, the King wakes and has a brief (three message) conversation with the Chancellor:

(Technically there are two more guards now, but this image will stand for the scene.)
(Technically there are two more guards now, but this image will stand for the scene.)

It isn’t a bad idea, really.  Only a poorly thought out sequence of commands made Hero stutter step when he should be moving smooth.  Worked on it for a while until finally giving up.  Only after that some guards stood around in odd positions.  So some time had to be spent figuring where that problem was.


Slightly more involved is the problem with the forest guards:


Right now I have it so they move out of the way when the Player goes in, only to snap back into place if the Player leaves and comes back.  Meaning the whole area becomes locked up fairly quick.  Which wasn’t my intent at all.

So I need a work around for that, too.

All of this for a relatively simple game.  How many problems are going to creep up when I expand on things?


The potential size of the thing staggers me.  Same with the novel.

Best start with small bits, move from there.


2 Replies to “Goblinstomper! Development Diary (X): The Price of Being Clever”

  1. I agree with the strategy of creating a “working model” of the game and then adding additional elements. Otherwise, you would have a major cluster**** sitting in front of you, with no real idea of where to start first, since some glitches would relate to other issues.

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