The Marriage of Emily

What’s a Welltun Care Presents series without at least one interruption?

I figure now is as good a time as any to mention that Dread Cousin Emily has gotten married.

I know.  Who would have thought that would ever happen?

Anyways, it happened on the 23rd of December last year.  It wasn’t a big ta-do or anything, more of a signing of papers.  Still, for some reason her most favorite and bestest cousin wasn’t invited.  Neither was I, for that matter.  Rumor has it that my vow to scream “Fly you fool!” at the groom when the statement “If anyone has any objections speak now or forever hold your peace” was spoken might have been a deciding factor on that score.

Happily, though, there was someone who played my role for me.  When the official in charge of the service said those twelve magic words, Emily’s daughter, Glorious Little Cousin Elise let loose a piercing scream.  Up until that point the little infant had been perfectly silent.  It was almost as if she was waiting for that very moment.  As if coached for weeks ahead of time by some deucedly  handsome man.

But I’m sure that’s not even possible.

Or is it?

In any case, congratulations to Emily and Emily’s Husband Lance.  Lots of happiness for the both of them.

Met Lance a couple of times at family get-together, but never actually talked to him.  Wonder what horrible thing he did in a past life to deserve this fate?  Poor guy…


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