Goblinstomper! Developer Diary (IV) : A Trouble With Guards

We enter Day Four of this series, with no interruptions of service.  Amazing!  Remarkable!  At least, for this blog, that is

Yesterday I intimated a break from following the tutorial, as has been the case throughout this series.  Let’s see why this has to be the case.  First, let’s toddle over to the tutorial story line and give it a gander:

From https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/support/products/tutorials

Were we following that story line, we’d be heading right for a port.  And, in fact, I do have plans to hit a port in the game.  Already have it on the map even:

Click on the map to enbiggen.


Anyways, as the Goblinstomper! story goes, our Hero Hero (not a double typing) agreed to help the kingdom’s Chancellor by collecting something to be determined later.  That involves walking from the castle on the upper left to the port on the lower right, then hitting the ruins picture above the port.  More or less the same as the tutorial’s story line.

That said, though, let’s check the Goblinstomper! story line, see what I planned out:


Guard post, huh.

This, as I mentioned before, is ye olden DragonStomper quest.  In that classic game you start out in a wilderness, fight some monster, and figure out a way to past a guard to a village and the next step of your quest.  No real reason for it; just the way the game played.

You might ask where the guard post is on the map.  Well, if you look at the map, you’ll see greyish boxes (Events) on the forest area just before the port.  I plan on having the player enter a new map and run into a guard-house.

Also, I think there should be a “dungeon” of some sort.  Going back to having to fight monsters in the wilderness and all.

Thus we’re sort of cross pollinating portions of the tutorial.  Thus meaning we move away from it, if only for the nonce.

Amusingly enough, I had a guard post made in the previous game.  Which makes this task a little easier.  As I’ve already named the forest the Mysterious Elvin Forest of Mystery, I figure that the guards are there to watch over the place, make sure people get in and out safer.

In any case, the posts look a little something like this.


Going back to the Dragonstomper idea source, Hero can’t walk straight through.  The guard has to stop him.  My initial thought was that the place was “too dangerous” what with a terrible monster loose and all.  Typical stuff, I thought.

However, as we have two guard posts now, a better idea emerges.  See, the guard on the right (for convenience we’ll call him Righty) hasn’t been paid yet and is a wee bit miffed about it.  Reason for that is that the guard on the left (who happens to be called Lefty for now)  had the job of delivering Righty’s wages, only a highwayman robbed him.

Thus there’s no pay to be had.  The Chancellor won’t give out more money, rightly thinking that guards that can’t guard their own money don’t deserve more.  Lefty can’t give over his own pay, as it went to his bookie to forestall involuntary knee surgery, if you know what I mean.  The highwayman, obviously, doesn’t want to give up the loot either, so Righty is out of luck.

Well this isn’t the first time Lefty has screwed over Righty, and Righty refuses to take anymore.  He’s now on strike and won’t let anybody through his post for any reason.  For Hero to get through, he needs to retrieve the lost wages, or come up with a suitable replacement.

Much better than just “Fight a monster”, don’t you think?

Let’s take another look at the left map:gs-development-025


That is, of course, one of our cast of characters, the Wizard named Wizard.  As noted in my plot line, the real goal of this section is recruiting a companion for Hero.  This companion not only needs to be useful to the proceedings, but also serve as a contrast or a foil to our protagonist.

As Hero is a gung-ho adventurer type,  we need someone who isn’t.  While most of the characters I’ve come up with fit this bill nicely (for instance I have a note making Mortimer a by-the-book type, which would be at odds with the all guns ahead Hero), what I want here is a reluctant adventurer.  Someone who isn’t doing this because he wants to, but because he has to.

Wizard, as I’ve pictured him, fits this part.  I see him as a bit dour, a bit snarky.  He has his little task to do and he wants to do it as quick as he can to get back to his reading (the nickname Mr. Bookworm fits him to a tee.)  All he needs is a reason to tag along with Hero beyond just bypassing Righty, and that’s easy enough to find.  He’s headed to the same ruins as Hero to get (or, rather, see) the same whatsit the Chancellor sent Hero after.  Which means, as much as he doesn’t like the idea, hanging out with the red-headed idiot is the best course to take.

So what happens here, in short, is on finding the way blocked, Hero resolves to find a solution, with Wizard tagging along to help speed things along.

Okay, we have ourselves a subquest!  Tomorrow we look at the Mysterious Elvin Forest of Mystery.


3 Replies to “Goblinstomper! Developer Diary (IV) : A Trouble With Guards”

  1. For game purposes, Wizard will have Offense Magic. That is, he’ll be able to cast spells such as Fire, Poison, and the like. While initial weak, he will ultimately be able to hit more bad guys with more damage.

    I really haven’t given it much more thought than that right now.

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