Goblinstomper! Developer Diary (III): A Hero (?) Emerges!

Today we continue relating the development of my RPGMaker MV game Goblinstomper!  First installment here, second installment here.

Last time we detailed how the game begins.  Namely the Chancellor gives Our Hero (the player) the task of retrieving an item from a ruin.  Actually, no, he didn’t really.  What I presented was the bare bones of this.  What the item is and where it’s located never come up.  However those are details for later.  What we’re doing is rushing through the tutorial, setting up stuff that I’ll flesh out at a later date.

Also missing from this scene is Our Hero himself.  That’s what Level Five of the tutorial covers: the creation of the characters.

I’m not going to focus on all of that here and now.  it’s a lot of selecting buttons and testing things out, and, again, we’re just hurrying things along.

Instead, for today’s post, I’m going to cover create the overall look for Our Hero the Goblinstomper, as well as his companion.

Now in the earlier posts I’ve mentioned that I already have a lot of assets made from previous attempts.  Were I to rush things again, I could easily access them.  Also, RPGMaker comes with a fine set of potentials:


As good as these designs are, everybody whose using RPGMaker could be using them just as easily.  I wanna have a character of my own.  Thus I open up the Character Generator and start generating characters.

The generator also provides a decent looking chap, but I don’t want him.  So I remove all but the very basic features:



The generator comes with a nice list of features, plenty of colors and combinations.  Giving things a little thought, I come up with this basic face:


We’ve got the wide eyes and the cocky smile, perfect for someone we’re calling Goblinstomper.  Best of all is that scar by his eye.  It shows a degree of experience.

I could leave him bald–there’s nothing wrong with that–but I want him to have hair.  Specifically red hair.  So I move on to the next stage of things:


There are three rows of possible Front Hair, one of which not shown above.  Seems like a lot of possibilities, but really it’s not.  A lot of the potential choices have already been eliminated.

How?  Well, most of the hair styles cover the left side of the face, sometime completely.  Doing so hides the scar.  What’s the point of having the scar if no one sees it?  Thus I need Front Hair that doesn’t cover the scar.

Following that, I need to match the Rear Hair with the Front Hair.  Certain combinations don’t work with others.

Funny how one choice effects so many others.

What I end up with is this:


To tell the truth, with the exception of the scar he looks exactly like the earlier character.  That doesn’t bother me, as I like the look.

With the face accomplished, I cloth the poor naked sap.  as for everything else, RPGMaker has a fair amount of sartorial part.  I just pick the one that looks most like a Hero’s clothes and color them red:


Next, I save every image.  Going counter-clockwise from the left corner, that’s the Face Image, Walking Character (with Damage Character directly beneath it) and the Battler images.  For what each does: the Face Image appears in the Menu screen to represent the character as well as in Dialogue; Walking Character is used for when the Player moves the character across the map; Damage Character is for occasions you need a dead or unconscious body (surprising how often that is); and the Battler is used for the Side View combat scenes.  Assuming I use Side view, an option of RPGMaker MV I might go over later.

I have all this done, I close the generator and open up the data base, putting all the necessary information under the actor tab.  This means setting up the Face image, the Character image, and the Battler in the proper place.  I also name our little friend, as well as fill in a few other boxes:gs-development-018

And yeah, his name is Hero. I also have a character named Wizard planned. As I intend to (ultimately) allow the Player to change the character names, I don’t see the need to go overboard on it.

Now, my original intent was to run through the same process with a female character, but frankly I’m running out of ways to make this read entertainingly.  Or, to put it another way, while I enjoy the process I don’t enjoy writing about it.  So what is going to happen is that I’m going to whip up five more potentials and put them in this post so I have something I can refer back to in this series.

However, before we do that, I have a small issue with the Character Generator that I want to addressed.

Here is one of the potential characters I was talking about in a “finished” state.  See if you notice a problem:gs-development-019

I’m not sure why it is, but certain layers don’t lay correctly with the Generator.  In this case that tassel is in front of her Front Hair instead of behind it.  Had she been wearing glasses, her glasses would be in front of the hair as well.

Also, she has elf ears.  You can’t tell that because of the cap, but it’s true.

This isn’t much of a problem.  I just make an image where she isn’t wear the cap:gs-development-020

Then cut-and-paste the correct view on to the original image, taking care to erase the unnecessary bit.  Having the new stuff on another layer helps immensely.  Wish I could remember to do that more often:


This is a rough job, mind.  Also, the more I look at the ears, the more I dislike them.  Maybe… Maybe she tucks them into her cap?

Interesting thought, there.

Anyway, my point in bring it up is that, despite it’s usefulness, sometimes the Generator makes more work than saves.

Level 5 done!  Ish. There’s those bells and whistles I mentioned.  I’m going to leave that stuff to another day, though.

Tomorrow we will stray a bit from the tutorial, as my plot doesn’t match theirs at this point.  Though maybe not as far as I think now.

Anyway, here’s our cast of characters.  Some may or may not be appearing real soon…



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