NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 1: The Nightmare Begins

I’ve done this silly contest for over a decade (Mein Gott!)

I’ve written up a detailed chart on the number of words I need to make every day.

I even have a site to go to tell me that tells me this information.

And yet…  And yet I botched the word count for today.

By two hundred some words.

Of course, that was two hundred words more than I really needed.  BUT STILL!!!!!!!!

Last year was the best NaNoWriMo ever for me, as I won it with an actual, honest to God short story that probably no one but me will ever read.

Hopefully this will be the Year of the Novel.

Which is something I’ve said for over a decade around this time (Mein Gott!).  But still.


One Reply to “NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 1: The Nightmare Begins”

  1. Hey Cullen – I once was a NaNoWriMo participant/winner
    , as well. Now, I write professionally for others (my biggest contract on Upwork provided a little over $15,000). I’m seriously looking to get some of my work published. Keep me up-to-date on your current entry, okay? Also, can I ask that you look at some of my work and give your honest opinion (with no generic compliments lol). Thanks, man!

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