Keeping the Blog Alive Post #1700

So I’m driving down the streets, minding my own business as is my style and brand, when Fame comes on the radio.  Not one of the favorites, but it’s been a while, so why not let it play?

Any way, the chorus comes up, and right at “(Fame) I’m gonna live forever/Baby, remember my name” I suddenly realize I can’t remember the last time I heard of the song.  Or of the movie/TV show it was attached to.  Hell’s teeth, who’s even singing it? (Irene Cara, for the record.)

I was going to go on about how it’s amazing what sticks in popular culture and what doesn’t, but Fame has had a long running Broadway show, a reality TV show, and a remake in 2009.  I knew none of that.  Well, the reality TV show rings bells, but beyond that.

So the question is, am I out of touch or am I out of touch?  And do I care?

Catchy song, though.


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