Never Underestimate the Power of an Explosive Rubber Duckie

I don’t do this much, but… this is kinda cool.

I’ve been playing (almost obsessively) Hitman, a game about, shock of shocks, a Hitman.  There’s more to it than that–it’s sort of light Sci Fi–but basically you’re like James Bond, going country to country killing people who are slightly worse than you are.

One of the features of the game is to set up contracts for other people to play in the already established setting.  I wasn’t very interested in this, as I rather a story and, to be honest, for the people I “kill” to be slightly worse than my character is.  However I need to do ten of these extra games to earn a PlayStation Trophy.  And for some reason I’m shooting for a 100%.

Like I said.  Almost obsessively.

The first one I tried was called “Explosive Performance”.  It deals with killing this poor, hapless mime and two women watching the show.  With an explosive.  Meaning extra deaths are in the offing.

Not really my thing, but I had a plan.  Figured I might come close to getting a high score of the thing.  Not the high score, mind.  that was 59, 152, and I didn’t hope to reach that.

My plan was to run through the crowd, drop a little rubber duckie bomb in the middle of things, then run away, triggering it when I was clear.

I sound like a horrible human being on reading that.  Nothing I’d do in real life, nothing I’d do in a normal game.  Still feel a little awful.

Especially since… well…

Hitman 000

Hitman 001



It’s a new stage.

I’m sure by tomorrow someone’s going to have bested that.

Below is my play through, for the curious.  Note the numerous mistakes I make going through it (which is why I know I’m not long for the top spot).

Note also I don’t swing the camera around to watch the bodies fly.  My depravity does have limits, you know…


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