Hey, At Least This Month’s Getting A LOT of Updates, Am I Right?

Just to prove that I am as fickle as fickle can be, Welltun Cares Reviews has returned!  With only one review.

However, more will be coming soon.  I’ve decided instead of ramming my head against Jabootu style reviews, I’m taking the opening sections (formerly known as the Spoiler Frees) and reworking them to be actual reviews.

This should not be interpreted as me giving up the Long Form.  I intend to remerge them into one massive review per movie and repost them separate from the little ones.  That way if I don’t feel like working a thousand word pieces in a week, I can always do a Short Form and come back later.  Or never.  Depending on how I feel about the flick.

Hopefully this means that in time I can do weekly updates.  Until then, my goal is to get several Short Forms done a day (or at least a week) and finally get my archieve all on the same page.

Until  the next time I decide to rework it all again…  Yeesh.


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